eBay Vault Buyer's Premium, Submission Fees Set To Kick In April 1, 2024

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


When the eBay Vault for trading cards launched in 2022, fee free buying and selling was used to entice early adopters, but the free ride is coming to an end with a buyer's premium fee and submission fees being introduced April 1, 2024.

eBay Vault Buyer's Premium Fee

When you purchase a card that is already stored in the eBay Vault, starting April 1st you'll be charged a 3% fee to cover the costs of reassigning ownership.

This 3% fee will be assessed based on the last purchase price of the item.

What happens if I buy a card that is already in the eBay vault and keep it there?

When ownership changes for a card within the eBay vault, we will transfer ownership immediately without physically moving the card. Starting April 1, 2024, there will be a 3% vault buyer’s premium fee calculated against the last purchase price of the item.

The vault buyer's premium covers the administrative costs of securely reassigning ownership of the item within the eBay vault. Until then, we are waiving the fee, so there’s no additional cost to you when you buy a card that is already in the eBay vault and keep it there.

If you keep the item in the Vault, the 3% fee is all you will pay.

However, if you choose to remove it and have it shipped to you, you'll pay a withdrawal fee as well as tax and insured shipping costs in addition to the 3% buyer's premium.

Vault buyer's premium and withdrawal fees
When an item in the eBay vault is sold and the buyer ships it directly to their address, we charge the buyer both the vault buyer's premium and the withdrawal fee, as well as an insured shipping fee.

When an item in the eBay vault is sold and the buyer keeps it there, we'll only charge the vault buyer's premium at the time of the transaction.

As a security precaution, all customers are limited to three shipping addresses per month and five shipping addresses per year for eBay vault withdrawals.

Selling fees, including Final Value Fees, continue to be waived for items that are stored in the Vault.

eBay Vault Submission Fees

eBay is also introducing a $1 per card submission fee starting in April for users who want to submit cards directly from their own collections instead of purchasing a card on eBay to ship to the Vault.

Submission processing fee waived until April 2024
You'll see a submission processing charge, which will be waived with an automatic coupon. It covers Authenticity Guarantee verification, returns for any cards that aren't accepted, and vault processing.

More information about eBay Vault fees:

eBay - Vault Enrollment: Introducing the eBay vault
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