eBay Store Design Change Leaves Users Unable To Navigate, Search Sold Items

Liz Morton
Liz Morton


UPDATE 3-22-24

It appears eBay is in the process of trying to fix this issue - the filters are back on the left side navigation but now all of the store categories say "undefined."

eBay community members are once again asking is it a glitch or intentional change as new design for store pages removes left side navigation, limiting options to narrow results with filters or search for sold items.

Previously, if you navigated to "see all items" from a seller's store page, eBay showed a left navigation panel with a category list, filters, and other features.

Currently, that same page view shows a blank white spot on the side with no navigation menus and no options to filter beyond the limited selections at the top of the results.

Community members are discussing the issue and have confirmed it appears to be site/world wide impacting not just the main .com US eBay site but others as well.

Re: Completed/sold items search not working?
Hey - what the heck is going on here? If I click ‘view listings’ next to or IDs above, all of the left side category and IS filters are missing. Can you confirm if this is a glitch or an intended change? Thanks!

The whole left column disappeared for me. It's just a big white empty space. I'm able to search completed listings by keyword, but not view an individual seller's completed listings.

Unless of course, I have the link saved, and then I can view them, but I can't toggle to current listings or anything else. This is using Firefox. Chrome worked for a minute, then stopped working. The app is working fine.

eBay community staff have been alerted to the issue and say they have passed it to the product team to try to confirm if this is a technical issue or intended change.

In the meantime, users can work around the issue by using the "Search by Seller" section of the Advanced Search feature or replace the "xxxxx" in this URL with the seller name:


Let us know in the comments below if you are experiencing this issue and how it's impacting your ability to search for sold items on eBay!

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