Value Added Resource Week In Review 9-11-22

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder


Welcome to the Value Added Resource ecommerce marketplace news week in review!

eBay News

Sellers are anxiously awaiting the announcement of a Fall Seller Update, with some speculating it would be this week - spoiler alert: it wasn't.

My guess is they're waiting to announce any new features and tools at eBay Open September 21-23 and we may get an official update sometime after that to fill in the details.

While we wait, let's look back at the Fall 2021 Update and a few promised features that still aren't available to sellers a year later.

When Will eBay Announce Fall 2022 Seller Update?
eBay sellers are on pins & needles waiting for Fall 2022 Update, with some guessing 9/7 based on past trends.

eBay is racking up more leadership losses. The big one is SVP International Joo Man Park, who apparently left the company in July but was only removed from the eBay Leaders page in the last week.

It appears Jordan Sweetnam has now taken over all of eBay's domestic and international operations, consolidating North America, Europe, and International into a new job title for Jordan- SVP Global Markets

More eBay Exec Losses - SVP International Joo Man Park Steps Down
The eBay executive losses continue as it appears SVP International Joo Man Park has left the company.

VP Stores Tom Pinckney left in July, while VP Core Product Engineering Mark Weinberg quietly slipped out the door in April.

eBay Loses VP Stores & VP Core Product Engineering
eBay exec losses continue as VP Stores Tom Pinckney & Core Product Eng Mark Weinberg have left the company.

And Senior Category Manager Collectibles and Toys Steve Halupka announced his last day on LinkedIn just a few days ago.

His departure seems quite sudden, in fact he's still listed as a presenter for one of the sessions at eBay Open - my guess is it may be pre-recorded, but we'll see if eBay makes any last minute adjustments now that he's gone.

eBay Loses Senior Category Manager Collectibles & Toys
Steve Halupka, Senior Manager Collectibles & Toys, has quietly left eBay after 8 years at the company.

They have not yet announced replacements for any of those recently vacated positions, but are hiring in some interesting key areas - first with NFTs, Crypto and Payments and now with logistics and cybersecurity.

eBay is looking to hire a Senior Manager, Transportation and Logistics with a special focus on carrier contract negotiations and price optimization.

I'm sure sellers will be very happy if eBay can negotiate better deals with carriers - as long as the savings get passed on. πŸ˜‰

eBay Seeking Last Mile Logistics & Supply Chain Expert
eBay hiring for Sr Mgr, Transportation & Logistics focused on contract negotiations & price optimization.

And with open roles for Security & Reliability Engineer, Product Abuse Researcher, Information Security Engineer, and Director Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) Ops, & Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Strategy is eBay finally getting serious about tackling fraud, scams, counterfeits and identity theft on the platform?

eBay Beefing Up Cybersecurity Operations
eBay hiring for cybersecurity & financial intelligence ops - are they finally taking fraud & cybercrime seriously?

eBay Germany is partnering with Iwoca to offer Flexi-Kapital working capital loans to sellers with flexible repayments made as a percentage of sales.

eBay Germany Introduces Flexi-Kapital Loans By Iwoca
eBay partners with Iwoca to offer Flexi-Kapital working capital loans to sellers on its German marketplace.

And finally, eBay has introduced another new version of the listing tool - and so far seller feedback is not positive.

eBay Introduces New Listing Tool - Again
eBay is tinkering with the Listing Tool again, but the third time still isn’t the charm.

Other Ecommerce News

Shopify is undergoing a leadership shakeup with an internal promotion for COO and a new hire for CFO.

The move was not unexpected after a rough few months, including a miss on Q2 2022 earnings and news of mass layoffs representing a 10% reduction in workforce.

Shopify Undergoes Leadership Changes
Shopify announced a leadership shakeup today with an internal promotion for COO & a new hire for CFO.

Etsy hosted a virtual holiday kick off event for sellers with a focus on holiday trends, content creation and social media marketing, and SEO best practices to make the most of the busy holiday season.

Etsy Up Holiday Edition Recap
If you missed Etsy Up Holiday kick off virtual seller event on September 8th - we’ve got you covered!

Amazon will be holding its Accelerate seller conference September 14-15 both live in Seattle and online. They're packing a lot into this event with breakout sessions on a wide range of topics plus seller networking huddles and of course cocktail parties after the main daytime events.

Don't miss the closing session with tennis legend Venus Williams!

Amazon Accelerate Seller Conference September 14-15
Amazon Accelerate Seller Conference live in Seattle, WA & online September 14-15 - check out the agenda & register!

And PoshMark will be holding its annual PoshFest this month as well, a mostly in person event in Houston, TX September 29-30 though they have said some sessions will also be available online - details coming soon!

Poshmark To Host PoshFest September 29-30
Poshmark PoshFest - a 2 day in person fashion & entrepreneurship conference in Houston, TX September 29-30.

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