Value Added Resource Week In Review 7-3-22

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder


Welcome to the Value Added Resource week in review!

eBay News

eBay's executive shakeup continues with VP Buyer Experience Bradford Shellhammer jumping ship to take on the role of Chief Product Officer at Etsy-owned musical instrument marketplace Reverb.

The company has lost several top executives over the last few months, prompting some to wonder if CEO Jamie Iannone has a leadership retention problem.

eBay VP Buyer Experience Bradford Shellhammer Jumps To Reverb
eBay VP Buyer Experience Bradford Shellhammer jumps ship to be Chief Product Officer at Etsy-owned Reverb.

eBay continues to expand further into digital assets with some interesting trademark filings as well as the second drop in their partnership with OneOf to bring exclusive Sports Illustrated inspired NFTs to the platform.

eBay Trademark Filing Signals Deeper Moves Into NFTs & Digital Assets
eBay’s latest trademark filing shows plans to expand NFT & digital asset operations.
eBay & OneOf Muhammad Ali NFT Collection Drop
eBay & OneOf drop 2nd NFT collection of interpretations of Sports Illustrated covers, featuring Muhammad Ali.

Sellers report receiving unsolicited phone calls from eBay promoting the personalization feature rolled out last year which inserts a text box on eligible listings for buyers to enter custom information for personalized items.

The push for personalization comes as eBay winds down the zero final value free promotion on personalized items they've been running since November and expands the number of categories eligible for this feature.

eBay Pushes Personalization, Opens More Categories In US
eBay cold calls sellers to promote Personalization & expands category eligibility for the feature.

eBay's Fall Seller Check in is scheduled for August 4th and while an official agenda has not been announced yet, the list of eBay staff slated to attend raises the question - are there perhaps new seller protections on the way?

eBay Fall Check In- Are More Seller Protections Coming Soon?
List of staff for eBay’s Fall Seller Check In raises question - are more seller protections on the way?

Account security concerns continue as a seller in the eBay community pleads for help when eBay attempts to collect thousands of dollars in fraudulent fees incurred after account hijacking.

Hacked eBay Account Costs Seller Thousands In Fees
Seller pleads for help as eBay attempts to collect thousands of dollars in fraudulent fees incurred after account hijacking.

Other Ecommerce News

USPS rate changes are coming July 10th with impacts to market dominant products, competitive products and international special services.

USPS Postage Rate Changes July 2022
USPS rate changes are coming July 10th - here’s what you need to know!

Canadian tax collection on Etsy is not going well as poor implementation leaves some sellers at a loss, adding tax into item prices and paying higher fees.

Etsy Canada Sellers Struggle With Tax Changes
Etsy’s Canadian tax collection plan leaves some sellers at a loss, adding tax into item prices & paying higher fees.

Etsy is surveying sellers about the listing process, seeking feedback on how they can make it easier to list more items on the platform.

Etsy Eyes Making Listing Easier, Entices Sellers With Free Listings
Etsy is offering sellers 100 free listings & an invite to take a survey about the listing experience.

A letter from a reader expresses frustration with the Amazon listing and customer support experience.

Letter: Amazon Seller Battles Erroneous Information On Listings
Letter from an Amazon seller about a frustrating experience with customer support.

Shopify Shop Promise has finally been spotted in the wild, allowing merchants to leverage Shopify Fulfillment Network and Shopify Shipping to provide a fast shipping guarantee to buyers.

Shopify Shop Promise Is Here
Shop Promise lets sellers leverage Shopify Fulfillment Network & Shipping for fast shipping shipping guarantee.

And finally, live shopping platform Whatnot is digging deep into its collector community roots to launch comic book publishing endeavor.

Whatnot Publishing Taps Into Comic Collector Communities
Live shopping platform Whatnot taps into collector community for comic book publishing endeavor.

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