Value Added Resource Week In Review 6-5-22

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder


Welcome to the Value Added Resource week in review!


Etsy has made changes to the Star Seller Program in an effort to address common pain points and give lower volume sellers more of a chance to be included.

Etsy Updates Star Seller Program
Etsy updates Star Seller Program to address pain points & include more lower volume sellers.

Canadian sellers have been informed Etsy will collect and remit sales tax and charge tax on service fees beginning July 1, 2022

Etsy Tax Updates For Sellers In Canada
Etsy will collect & remit tax, charge tax on service fees for Canada starting July 1, 2022.

Etsy is encouraging sellers to take part in a seller funded Summer Sale targeting the French market with gradually increasing discounts over several weeks.

Etsy Promotes Seller Funded Summer Sale For France
Etsy targeting French market encourages sellers to take part in Summer Sale with gradually increasing discounts.


Many eBay sellers report experiencing a sharp and sudden decline in sales in May.

Is it the economy, seasonal fluctuations or an indication of serious problems on the platform?

eBay Sellers Experienced Major Sales Slump In May 2022
Many eBay sellers reported a sharp & sudden decline in traffic & sales in May - what happened?

An eBay community member is raising security concerns after a login glitch showed another unrelated seller's account information and data in Seller Hub.

Seller Questions eBay Log In Security, Shown Other User’s Data
eBay seller raises security concern after log in glitch showed another unrelated user’s account information & data.

The eBay Listing Frame has been replaced with a new Category Module, but some sellers think it leaves a lot to be desired.

eBay Listing Frame Replaced With Category Module
eBay has replaced the old listing frame header & side nav with a new category module - is it an improvement?

eBay Australia adds restrictions on Seller Refurbished for more categories like video games, headsets, home audio, and cameras.

eBay Australia Restricts More Categories For Seller Refurbished
eBay Australia expands restrictions on Refurbished Video Game Consoles, Headsets, Home Audio, Cameras & more.

eBay Canada has expanded seller protection policies allowing Above Standard sellers to withhold up to 50% of returns if the item has been used or damaged - a perk previously reserved for Top Rated Sellers only.

eBay Canada Expands Seller Protection Policies
eBay Canada expands seller protection - Above Standard sellers can withhold up to 50% on used/damaged returns.

eBay has announced its 4th Annual Machine Learning University Challenge with this year's focus on extracting relevant product data from listing titles.

eBay 2022 University Machine Learning Competition
eBay announces 4th Annual Machine Learning University Challenge - extracting product data from listing titles.

Other News

Colorado plans to institute $0.27 retail delivery fee on all retail sales delivered by a motor vehicle in the state, including but not limited to restaurants and grocery stores that deliver, flower delivery services, online stores that ship orders, and more.

What does that mean for out of state ecommerce businesses? Get the details:

Will Colorado Retail Delivery Fee Bill Impact Ecommerce?
Colorado plans $0.27 retail delivery fee on all deliveries subject to state sales tax - how will it impact online sellers?

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