Value Added Resource Week In Review 6-12-22

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder


Welcome to the Value Added Resource week in review! We'll kick things off with an update in the ongoing eBay cyberstalking case.

Ex-eBay Security Manager Philip Cooke, the only defendant sentenced so far in the bizarre scandal that targeted online critics of the company, has failed in his bid to gain early release from the 18 month sentence he is serving after pleading guilty last year.

Cooke had filed for early compassionate release last month, citing medical conditions and alleged substandard care in prison. In denying his request, Judge Allison Burroughs said, "Cooke’s crimes were inexcusable and warrant the sentence imposed."

Ex-eBay Exec Sentenced In Cyberstalking Denied Early Release
Ex-eBay Security Manager denied early release, must serve full term for cyberstalking targeting critics of the company.

In other news, eBay held their Annual Shareholder Meeting on June 8th. Value Added Resource has all the highlights, lowlights, and commentary from an experienced seller perspective.

eBay Annual Shareholder Meeting 2022 - Commentary
eBay’s Annual Shareholder Meeting June 8, 2022 - insights & commentary from an experienced seller perspective.

eBay Seller News

eBay officially launched the Vault this week, a 31-thousand square foot, 24/7 secured, temperature controlled facility and digital marketplace accepting graded trading cards over $750.

eBay Vault Officially Launches For Trading Cards Over $750
eBay has officially opened the Vault, accepting trading cards sold for $750 or more.

Immediate payout of eBay Managed Payments funds to a debit card for a fee is rolling out to select users. Sellers who wish to transfer their funds within 30 minutes instead of the current standard 1-4 days will pay a 1.5% fee for the privilege (minimum fee $0.25, maximum $15).

eBay Wallet Immediate Payout To Debit Card For A Fee
eBay rolls out “immediate” payout to debit card for Managed Payments - for a fee.

eBay Ads has two new Promoted Listings ad products on the horizon - Promoted Display cost per click ads that will show on sellers' View Items pages and direct, seller funded Google Ads.

New eBay Promoted Listings Ad Options On The Horizon
eBay reveals two new Promoted Listings ad products “coming soon” - Promoted Display & direct Google Ads.

The eBay community chat has been moved to a monthly schedule and for June the topic was all about eBay Stores with Product Operations Manager Chuck Van Pelt.

eBay Community Chat June 2022 - eBay Stores
eBay’s June 2022 community chat was all about Stores - sellers came prepared with questions, did eBay deliver?

And finally, eBayUK is teaming up with fast-food chain Morley's for a pop up sneaker shop event benefiting Football Beyond Borders.

Chicken & Sneakers?! eBayUK x Morley’s Pop Up Shop Experience
eBayUK partners with fast-food chain Morley’s for OG Drops pop up sneaker event benefitting Football Beyond Borders.

Technical Issues

eBay experienced a massive outage on Monday with disruptions to shipping, buying, registration and more.

eBay Experiences Disruptions In Shipping, Buying, Registration
eBay’s System Status board shows disruptions to Buying, Registration & Shipping 6-6-22

eBayUK charity sellers are experiencing a glitch charging them listing fees that should be waived, taking needed funds away from their charitable endeavors.

eBay UK Charity Sellers Charged Listing Fees In Error
eBayUK charity sellers are being charged for listing fees that were previously waived - is it a glitch or policy change?

eBayUK also implemented new text message verification security requirements this week and it did not go well.

Users experienced log in errors, messages not being received, and being locked out of their accounts with no way to contact support.

It was such a spectacular failure after one day eBay was forced to concede to also provide an email verification option, despite previous statements that would not be possible because email is less secure.

eBayUK Log In Errors With New SMS Text Message Requirement
eBay UK users experience log in errors with new SMS text message 2FA two factor authentication security requirement.

Etsy Seller News

Etsy has unveiled their new Purchase Protection Program, making a big investment in enhancing trust on the platform for both buyers and sellers.

Etsy Introduces New Purchase Protection Program
Starting August 1st, eligible orders up to $250 will now be covered by Etsy if the package is lost or damaged in transit.

New consumer protection directives in the European Union may require professional sellers who ship to the EU to identify themselves to buyers as “traders.”

Etsy Advises Sellers Of New Requirements For Shipping To EU
New consumer protection directive in European Union may require professional Etsy sellers to identify as “traders.”

Etsy is getting into the live virtual shopping craze, partnering with community leaders and individual sellers from around the world.

The Etsy Market Live will host its first event June 14th-15th, available exclusively on the Etsy app for US based, iOS users only.

Etsy Introduces Etsy Market Live Shopping Events
Etsy debuts live virtual shopping with Etsy Market featuring community leaders & sellers from around the world.

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