Value Added Resource Week In Review 5-8-22

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder


Welcome to the Value Added Resource week in review!

Q1 2021 Earnings Reports

We kicked things off with an eBay pre-earnings review taking a look back at some of the highlights from Q1 from a seller perspective.

eBay Q1 2022 Pre-Earnings Countdown & Highlights
eBay is set to announce Q1 2022 earnings this week, take a look back at some highlights from Q1 & look ahead to Q2 and beyond.

Then the big event on Wednesday. Wall Street wasn't impressed and neither was I. Revenue down 6%, GMV down 20%, Active Buyers down 13% (falling all the way back to Q1 2018 levels) - yikes!

It's also interesting to note eBay did not disclose active sellers this time. The active sellers stat is not something that has been consistently reported over the years, however it was consistently reported in every quarterly report for 2021 with growth in Q1 & Q2, leveling off in Q3 and an 8% drop reported in Q4.

Looking at the buyer stats, I think it's safe to say active sellers were also likely down again this quarter, but it would be interesting to know by exactly how much.

eBay Q1 2022 Earnings Commentary
eBay Q1 2022 earnings commentary from an experienced seller perspective.

Etsy also reported quarterly earnings on Wednesday and while the official story is the Etsy Strike was "immaterial", it's clear executive leadership was feeling some pressure from massive media attention the movement received.

Etsy Q1 2022 Earnings Commentary
Etsy Q1 2022 earnings call commentary

Seller Tools & News

First, we have an update to last week's story about eBay's updated marketing terms. There was a lot of controversy stirred up about this with rumors flying across YouTube and social media that the new terms meant eBay would be taking over every aspect of your promoted listings with the power to control your pricing, your budget, titles, ad rates and more.

That of course isn't what the terms actually said and eBay finally issued a statement clarifying that part of the terms applies only to managed ad services. You must explicitly provide eBay permission to alter your listings when opting into those specific services but no account will ever be opted in by default...which is what I said from the get go.

Moral of the story: don’t waste time on YouTube "gurus" bickering…if you want the straight scoop about what's really going on with eBay, Value Added Resource has you covered.😉

eBay Updates Marketing Terms, Ads For Stores Coming Soon?
eBay updated Marketing Terms - changes to ad fee calculation, ads for Stores coming soon?

eBay Canada announced they will collect and remit applicable marketplace sales taxes directly to appropriate tax authorities effective July 1, 2022.

eBay Canada Will Collect Marketplace Sales Tax July 1st
eBay Canada will collect & remit applicable marketplace sales taxes directly to appropriate authorities July 1, 2022.

New German packaging regulations have sellers' heads spinning, with many choosing to simply stop selling to Germany all together.

Etsy sellers who wish to "opt out" are finding it difficult to change their shipping settings. Apparently, there isn't a simple option to block a country if you aren't in the US or Canada and don't use calculated shipping - you must list every country you do ship to instead of just the few you do not. What a pain!

eBay sellers still have questions about whether the packaging regulations impact orders shipped to freight forwarders and/or the eBay Global Shipping Program. eBay community staff previously indicated sellers using GSP will still need to register and comply, but there appears to be conflicting information floating around on that subject.

Sellers Block Germany Over Packaging Regulations
German packaging regulations effective July 1st cause some sellers to block shipments to the country.

eBay has finally given an exact date for the changes to the partial refund policy announced in the Winter Seller Update. Effective May 23, sellers will be credited prorated Final Value Fees on partial refunds.

eBay Prorated Fees For Partial Refunds Effective May 23
eBay will begin crediting sellers prorated Final Value Fees on partial refunds effective May 23, 2022

Sellers have been dreading the forced migration to the Unified Listing Experience, with the most common complaint being the amount of clicks and pop ups that are now required along each step of the way.

One question I've seen popping up frequently is - where did they hide the Schedule Listing option? It now requires 5 clicks and 3 pop ups to schedule your listing where it used to be one easy in-line editable field. 🤦‍♀️

Schedule Start Time In New eBay Unified Listing Tool
Can’t find Schedule Start Time in the new eBay Listing Tool? We’ve got you covered!

Other News

eBay made the headlines this week by joining a consortium to acquire a 25% stake in pop culture collectible toy company Funko. As part of this investment, eBay will become the preferred secondary marketplace for Funko and partner on creating exclusive product releases.

eBay To Be Preferred Secondary Marketplace For Funko Pop!
eBay set to be preferred secondary marketplace for Funko as part of consortium acquiring 25% stake in company.

eBay has expanded the Authenticity Guaranteed program for handbags to the UK marketplace, but check those terms and conditions carefully - Final Sale does not apply in the UK.

eBay Brings Handbag Authentication To UK
eBay has expanded Authenticity Guaranteed program for luxury handbags to the UK market. Authenticity Guarantee for Handbags | luxury handbags with What items are eligible for Authenticity Guarantee? Authenticity Guarantee is available for selected brands, in…

And finally, Australian regulators are concerned about how algorithms and data collection impact users of online retail marketplaces like Amazon, Catch, eBay and Kogan.

Concerns include the use of algorithms to decide how products are ranked and displayed, the collection and use of consumer data, inadequate dispute resolution processes and a need for more consumer protections.

Are You Concerned By Marketplace Algorithms & Data Use?
Australian regulators concerned about algorithms & data collection on sites like Amazon, eBay & Kogan - are you?

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