Value Added Resource Week In Review 5-22-22

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder


Welcome to the Value Added Resource week in review!

We'll kick things off with some Etsy news.

Etsy's annual Design Awards has officially opened for submissions with May 27th being the deadline to apply. The grand prize includes $20,000, cover feature in an upcoming 2022 Etsy Market Lookbook, mentorship from Etsy experts, features on Etsy’s marketing channels, including social media, blog, email, and more.

Etsy Design Awards 2022
Etsy’s annual Design Awards contest has officially opened with submissions being taken from May 16 through May 27.

Also this week, Etsy announced changes to search will now include keywords and phrases in descriptions for search results and ranking.

Etsy Updates Search To Include Descriptions
Etsy announces updates search to include keywords & phrases in descriptions for ranking.

In eBay news this week, many sellers have been caught off guard by changes to how eBay counts and displays views on item pages.

As a result of changes announced in the Spring Seller Update, eBay will now be filtering out "non-human" bot traffic and has changed the default display in Seller Hub to show views from a rolling 30 day period instead of lifetime view count.

eBay’s New View Counting Policy & Reports
Breakdown of eBay’s new listing views calculation that filters out bot views & only shows last 30 days by default.

There are also changes being made to eBay's Jewelry policy to require more accurate descriptions and categorization of natural, simulated, dyed, and lab created stones.

eBay Updates Jewelry Policy Effective May 25, 2022
eBay updates Jewelry policy to require more accurate description of natural, simulated, dyed & lab created stones.

eBay hosted the second quarterly seller check in of the year this week, covering recently announced updates to payments like on demand payouts and spendable funds, migration to the unified listing tool, immediate payment on offers, and more.

eBay Summer 2022 Seller Check In
eBay Summer 2022 Seller Check In Recap & Commentary

eBay UK alerted sellers that upcoming changes to Payments will require enhanced security and SMS text message verification - I believe this is in preparation to launch spendable funds in the UK soon as well.

eBay Requires SMS Verification, Security For Payment Update
eBay UK alerts sellers upcoming changes to Payments will require enhanced security & SMS text message verification.

eBay Canada is integrating directly with FedEx so sellers will be able to print FedEx labels through eBay starting Spring 2022.

eBay Canada Integrates Directly With FedEx
eBay Canada announces sellers will be able to print FedEx labels directly through eBay, starting Spring 2022.

On the vertical focus front, eBay is partnering with Phonecheck to add additional certification to Certified Refurbished mobile devices and is partnering with SoleStage for a Memorial Day Weekend sneaker pop up shop event.

eBay Partners With Phonecheck To Certify Refurbished Phones
eBay adds additional certification to Certified Refurbished mobile devices in partnership with Phonecheck.
eBay To Open Wear ’Em Out Sneaker Pop Up Shop May 27-29
eBay hosting Memorial Day Wear Em Out sneaker event encouraging shoppers to wear their new kicks out the door.

Speaking of partnerships, eBay has collaborated with Snapchat to expand social sharing with ready made templates, stickers and effects - still no word on the promised discounted final value fee for social sharing feature that was previewed at eBay Open Online in August 2021.

eBay Collaborates With Snapchat For Social Sharing
eBay is collaborating with Snapchat to expand social sharing with ready made templates, stickers & effects.

While eBay is moving forward with strategic collaborations in key verticals, they've decided to pull back from engagement with the larger seller community, discontinuing the weekly open ended community chat with eBay staff effective immediately and replacing it with monthly chats on limited, pre-approved topics.

eBay Community Chat Changes -Less Engagement & Support
eBay community staff announce weekly open-ended chat discontinued, replaced with monthly chat on limited topics.

And finally this week, ex-eBay Security Manager Philip Cooke, currently serving an 18 month sentence for his role in a cyberstalking plot aimed at silencing and doxing critics of the company, has requested early compassionate release due to medical issues & what he claims are harsh prison conditions.

Ex-eBay Exec Sentenced In Stalking Seeks Early Release
Ex-eBay Security Exec sentenced in stalking scandal seeks early release citing medical issues & harsh prison conditions.

At his sentencing hearing last year, Cooke asked for leniency citing alcoholism and an alleged "culture of heavy drinking at the company" as mitigating factors for his criminal behavior.

Disgraced ex-CEO Devin Wenig (who was not charged criminally in the stalking case) apparently has little remorse for the cultural tone he set during his tenure, recently joking about daily 9 AM tequila "smoothies" on Twitter.

Meanwhile, current CEO Jamie Iannone has launched a new page on the corporate website dedicated to promoting eBay's Workforce Diversity and Culture efforts to rehabilitate the company's image both internally and externally.

eBay Workforce Diversity & Corporate Culture
eBay’s latest Diversity Report shows gains, work still needed plus a new Culture & Workforce page on corporate website.

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