Ecommerce Seller News Week In Review 3-27-22

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder


Welcome to the Value Added Resource ecommerce seller news week in review!

eBay News & Events

eBay announced SVP Chief Product Office Pete Thompson will be exiting the company next month in a recent SEC filing, leaving sellers wondering who will be next in line to fill this important leadership role.

eBay Loses SVP Chief Product Officer Pete Thompson
eBay SVP Chief Product Officer Pete Thompson will be leaving the company at the end of April.

The Mint Collective, an eBay sponsored trading card show, debuted in Las Vegas this weekend with a marketplace, guest speakers, celebrity meet and greets and more!

The Mint Collective Trading Card Show Presented by eBay
eBay sponsored The Mint Collective card show debuts in Las Vegas - buy, sell, trade, celebrity guest speakers & more!

In yet another marketing department blunder, eBay hoped to score big with a March Madness themed Sneaker Showdown event but sneakerheads on Twitter cried foul after a delayed drop announcement knocked them out of the final bracket.

eBay Earns Technical Foul On Sneaker Showdown Drop
eBay hoped to score with march Sneaker Showdown but sneakerheads cry foul on delayed drop announcement.

eBay updated their Payments terms on March 14th to pave the way for the new eBay Wallet, on demand payouts, and other enhancements to the payment experience.

Check out our exclusive comparison highlighting the most important changes and additions!

eBay Updated Payment Terms 3/14/22
eBay updated payments terms of us March 14, 2022 - check out the most important changes & additions!


Shipping carrier rate and surcharge increases impact online sellers on every marketplace, but this week eBay sellers were concerned about how rising costs will affect their businesses and what the marketplace could do to help.

First, eBayUK sellers say they need more flexibility and options when listing to address challenges posed by Royal Mail's Europe zone pricing.

eBayUK Warns Sellers Of Royal Mail Price Changes
eBayUK warns of upcoming Royal Mail price changes as sellers face challenges from new Europe zone pricing too.

US sellers are concerned about USPS surcharges taking effect April 3rd and wonder why eBay doesn't use their position as the second largest USPS customer to negotiate better rates or discounts and/or advocate on behalf of small businesses.

eBay Sellers Concerned About New USPS Surcharges In April
With new USPS surcharges on April 3rd, sellers wonder why eBay doesn’t do more to negotiate rates or discounts.

eBay Technical Issues

eBay's tech-led reimagination struggles continue with increasing bug and glitch reports again this week - here's a quick look at some of the most troubling reports, though it is by no means an exhaustive list.

Sellers were perplexed when their Payments pages showed no payouts scheduled despite there being available funds in their accounts.

eBay Managed Payments Glitch - No Payout Scheduled
eBay sellers report glitch showing no payouts scheduled despite available funds in Managed Payments accounts.

eBay's Markdown Manager and Coupon functions were rendered unusable for some sellers who received an "unknown application" error when trying to create or revise sales and promotions.

eBay Markdown Promotion Manager Unknown Error
eBay sellers report receiving an “unknown application” error when trying to create or revise sales & promotions.

Sellers who use the eBay API were alarmed by SSL certificate errors.

eBay API, SSL Certificate Errors Alarm Sellers
Sellers using the eBay API report alarming errors related to SSL certificates & frustration with lack of support from eBay.

And both buyers and sellers reported image errors when listing or searching for items.

eBay Listing & Images Errors 3-24-22
eBay users are reporting image errors both with listing (seller side) & when searching (buyer side).

Other Marketplaces

Poshmark is testing new optimizations and default search options for search, but many users are not convinced the new search experience is a move in the right direction.

Poshmark Updates Search - Again
Poshmark continues testing new optimizations & default sort options for search.

New job postings at Etsy created a buzz among sellers, causing them to wonder if expanded fulfillment services were coming soon.

Etsy says "fulfillment" simply refers to all experiences on the platform around shipping with no plans to expand into logistics or warehousing, but some sellers in the Etsy community are still a bit skeptical.

Is Etsy Expanding Fulfillment Services?
Recent job openings at Etsy are creating some buzz - are expanded fulfillment services coming soon?

Etsy is also testing out new experiences for search with the addition of an "add to basket" button in search results for some items.

Sellers expressed their concerns about the possibility of increased returns or other negative consequences due to buyers bypassing descriptions and heading straight to checkout.

Etsy Testing Add To Cart In Search Results
Etsy sellers report what appears to be a test showing “add to basket” buttons in search results for some items.

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