Value Added Resource Week In Review 3-20-22

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder


Welcome to the Value Added Resource ecommerce seller news week in review!

We'll kick things off this week with an exclusive interview with the organizers of the Etsy seller strike.

Etsy Strike Sellers Speak Out
We interviewed a group of Etsy sellers planning strike to protest fee increase & bring attention to issues on the site

eBay Investor Day Announcements

Last week, eBay hosted Investor Day with some major announcements to unpack.

The eBay Wallet coming in Q2 '22 will allow sellers to use "spendable funds" that will be available "almost immediately" for purchases and to pay seller fees. Other payment news included new payouts schedules, working capital loans, insurance, Klarna integration in Germany, and wire transfers and split payments for high average selling price items.

eBay Wallet & New Payments Features
eBay announces virtual wallet, payout options, working capital, wire transfers & split payments for high ASP items.

The big news at Investor Day was eBay Vault,  a 31 thousand square foot, secure storage facility and digital marketplace for trading cards and collectibles. Check out seller reaction to the Vault and take a deeper look into what we know so far.

Sellers React To eBay Vault
Sellers react to eBay Vault, a 31 thousand sq ft secure facility & digital marketplace for trading cards & collectibles.
Peek Inside The eBay Vault
eBay is slowly revealing more info about the mysterious Vault - here’s a peek at what to expect as it rolls out in Q2.

Did you know eBay operates a venture capital firm? Neither did I until this week!

eBay Ventures is a multi-stage investment firm with a global scope, focused on early-stage investments to help startups scale their ecommerce businesses.

It's odd that CEO Jamie Iannone didn't include this news in Investor Day, but maybe the initiative was too nascent to make it into the pre-recorded presentation.

eBay Ventures Offers Venture Capital To Innovative Founders
eBay Ventures is a multi-stage investment firm focused on early-stage startups to scale ecommerce businesses.

eBay Seller Tools & News

eBay also hosted the Spring 2022 Seller Check in the same day as the investor event. Full coverage of the main presentation and Q&A with product teams 👇.

eBay Spring 2022 Seller Check In
Highlights from eBay’s Spring 2022 Seller Check In.
eBay Spring Seller Check In - Q & A With Product Teams
Notes & commentary from eBay Spring seller check in Q & A with product teams breakout session.

eBay has been cold calling and emailing sellers with an offer to have a "growth advisor" review your account. Are they stepping up seller engagement or is it just a sales pitch for more ads?

eBay Growth Advisors Engage With Sellers
Sellers say eBay has been cold calling & emailing a pitch to have a growth advisor review accounts & make suggestions.

I discovered this week that eBay has removed the "buyer asked to cancel" option on orders for sneakers with authenticity guaranteed.

eBay Removes Buyer Canceled Option For Sneaker Authentication
eBay removes seller option for “buyer asked to cancel” when cancelling an order for sneakers with authenticity guarantee.

And the eBay Store enhancements continue with logo and banner image editing and a new Feedback module.

eBay Stores Adds Logo & Banner Editing, Feedback Module
eBay Store upgrades continue with options for editing logos & banner images plus a new feedback module in the store view.

eBay Tech Issues

As usual when eBay starts to tinker with the site to add new features, glitches and technical problems soon followed.

eBay's Top Star buyer loyalty program experience a major outage on Friday causing high value buyers to miss out on some of the latest sneaker drops.

eBay Top Star Loyalty Program Experiences Major Outage
eBay’s Top Star program experienced a major outage today, leaving sneakerheads unable to access the latest drops.

The eBay Ads team confirmed there was a bug that removed some digits and decimals when entering ad rates for campaigns. No word on how impacted sellers can get assistance if this bug caused them to pay higher ad rates than intended.

eBay Confirms Bug When Entering Promoted Listings Ad Rate
The eBay Ads team confirms digit & decimal bug may have caused sellers to enter higher ad rates than intended.

eBay Messages had multiple issues this week, likely due to the roll out of the new messaging experience that was announced in the Seller Check In.

eBay Messages No Link To Listing Page
eBay sellers are reporting a technical issue that has removed the link to the listing page in eBay messages.

Many sellers reported a glitch that was automatically adding Russia as an accepted shipping location instead of removing it.

eBay Glitch Adds Russia To Listing Form Instead of Removing It
eBay sellers say Global Shipping Program glitch automatically adds Russia to locations on listing form.

A frustrated seller took to the weekly community chat to ask for help after eBay lost images from over 1,000 listings. Should eBay compensate sellers when technical glitches cost their businesses time and money?

What To Do When eBay Loses Pictures From 1000 Listings?
Where can sellers turn when unresolved eBay tech glitches cost their business time & money?

Other News

eBay Canada suspended sales to Belarus due to new shipping restrictions from FedEx and Canada Post - no word yet on if those restrictions will extend to eBay US or other sites.

eBay Canada Suspends Sales to Belarus
eBay Canada announces sales to Belarus are suspended, due to new shipping restrictions from Canada Post & FedEx

And finally, PayPal is responding to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine by opening up more services to the region and waiving fees.

PayPal Opens More Services, Waives Fees For Ukraine
PayPal is responding to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine by opening up more services & waiving fees.

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