Value Added Resource Week In Review 12-11-22

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder


Welcome to the Value Added Resource ecommerce news week in review!

eBay News

eBay is being sued by ACE Insurance in ongoing cyberstalking civil case. ACE argues they shouldn't have to pay for any possible judgement or settlement against eBay because their policy does not apply to knowing violation of rights or criminal acts.

Ex-Chief Communications Officer Steve Wymer's position as CEO of Boys & Girls Club Silicon Valley has come under renewed scrutiny due to his role in the scandal & San Jose political ties as well.

eBay Sued By Insurance In Cyberstalking Case, Exec Political Ties Revealed
eBay sued by insurance in ongoing cyberstalking case, ex-CCO Steve Wymer’s San Jose political ties revealed.

eBay and Intuit partnered to offer a 1 year free subscription to QuickBooks Online, but trying to claim the offer left some sellers questioning if it was a bait and switch.

Are eBay & QuickBooks Pulling Bait & Switch On Free Year Offer?
eBay sent sellers an offer for 1 year of QuickBooks Online free, but some question if it’s a bait and switch scheme.

Stamp sellers report listings for collectible stamps are being blocked due to glitch applying Forever Stamp anti-fraud restrictions in error.

eBay Blocking Collectible Stamps Due To Forever Stamp Restrictions
Sellers report eBay blocking collectible stamp listings due to glitch applying Forever Stamp restrictions in error.

eBay announced a new address verification feature to help buyers and sellers in Canada avoid item not received cases and packages being returned to sender.

eBay Introduces Address Verification For Canada
eBay announces address verification for Canadian buyers & sellers to reduce potential shipping headaches.

eBay sellers are concerned about their full real names (not business names) being exposed to buyers after purchase.

For some it's a security and privacy issue, others worry buyers will have a difficult time remembering where they purchased from without a store or business name.

eBay Shows Buyers Real Seller Name Instead Of Business Name
eBay sellers are concerned their full real names (not business names) being shown to buyers after purchase.

After waning seller participation, it appears the eBay Community team has finally given in and will be going back to an open topic format for this month's community chat, which will be held December 14 at 1 PM P/4 PM E.

eBay Community Chat December 2022 - Open Topic
Facing waning seller participation, eBay Community team will return to open topic format for monthly chat on 12/14.

eBay says they've lowered USPS Priority rates for packages up to 5 pounds in zones 1 – 4, effective immediately, but sellers point out it's the same commercial plus discount that Pirate Ship and other providers are already offering.

eBay Announces Lower USPS Rates, Is It Good News Sellers?
eBay announces lower USPS Priority rates, but failed to give specifics, leaving sellers to figure it out on their own.

Other Ecommerce News

Amazon experienced a massive checkout disruption this week that made national headlines - where are all those reporters when the same issues happen on other marketplaces? 🤨

Amazon Experiencing Checkout Errors 12-7-2022
Amazon buyers report checkout disruption, error says “sorry, we’re experiencing unusually heavy traffic.”

Amazon announced "Alexa, thank my driver" feature that allows buyers to show their gratitude, with some drivers receiving $5 tips paid for by the company.

However, Amazon's motives have been called into question as the Washington DC Attorney General's office is suing the company for allegedly wrongfully withholding tips from some drivers in its Amazon Flex program.

Amazon Alexa Tips Drivers For Thanks, Does It Really Go To Them?
Amazon announces Alexa “thank my driver” feature but can we trust tips will really go to drivers?

Poshmark has scheduled a virtual stockholder meeting for December 27 to vote on the Naver merger plan.

Documents show acquisition timeline started in January with exploration of potential commercial partnership & Posh Shows live shopping was of particular interest throughout negotiations.

Poshmark Calls Special Stockholder Meeting 12-27-22
Poshmark to hold virtual stockholder meeting December 27, 8 AM Pacific to vote on merger with Naver.

eBay's penchant for execution mishaps and boomerang rehires may be rubbing off on Funko as the company brings back previous CEO Brian Mariotti and shuffles current CEO Andrew Perlmutter back to his previous position.

Will the return of the creative founder/CEO be enough to turn the tide or has the Funko bubble finally popped like Beanie Babies and Fidget Spinners before?

Funko Brings Back Founder CEO Brian Mariotti As Sales Falter
Is eBay’s penchant for misexecution & boomerang rehires rubbing off as Funko brings back ex-CEO Brian Mariotti?

Walmart is the latest retailer to introduce an image based search feature to help buyers easily find and purchase items using Google Vision image recognition technology.

Walmart Introduces Image Search With TrendGetter
Walmart TrendGetter makes finding & buying items you love as easy as taking a picture with Google Vision tech.

And finally, livestream shopping platform Whatnot is partnering with the Ed Asner Family Center for a live Q&A and exclusive auctions following a live star-studded table reading of the holiday classic, "It's A Wonderful Life."

Whatnot Hosts Star-Studded Holiday Charity Live Event
Whatnot & Ed Asner Family Center partner on live Q&A & auction after celebrity reading of “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

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