Value Added Resource Week In Review 10-30-22

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder


Welcome to the Value Added Resource ecommerce news week in review!

eBay News

Former eBay Security Contractor Veronica Zea faces sentencing next week for her role in the 2019 cyberstalking and harassment scandal. Her presentencing letter to the court reveals shocking & disturbing details of toxic corporate culture run amok with no apparent accountability from the c-suite or board.

Ex-eBay Security Analyst Describes Toxic Work Culture In Cyberstalking Case
eBay Security Analyst Veronica Zea faces sentencing in cyberstalking scandal, reveals details of toxic company culture.

eBay seller accounts are increasingly flagged by AI systems, putting funds on hold while sellers try to jump through hoops to comply with eBay verification requests.

But what are consumer resellers to do when they can't produce receipts for personal items bought decades ago?

eBay Seller Suspended Over 20 Year Old Art With No Receipt
What can sellers do when eBay holds their funds for sales of personal items with no receipt?

eBay is promoting an early holiday up sale, promising up to 50% off on Home Furniture across their site and social media channels, but many of the discounts appear too good to be true due to rampant strike through price manipulation.

eBay Promotes 50% Off Home Furniture, But Are There Really Savings?
eBay is promoting early holiday up to 50% off Home Furniture sale, but are the discounts too good to be true?

eBay's Chief AI Officer Nitzan Mekel confirmed they've started using AI to review and approve seller videos in listings in his session at the recent eBay Connect 2022 Developer Conference.

eBay Uses AI To Review & Approve Videos In Listings
Chief AI Officer Nitzan Mekel confirms eBay recently started using AI to review & approve videos in listings.

eBay is partnering with Enterprise Singapore on an initiative to boost exports to the US, providing subsidies and fee incentives, selling limit increases, dedicated account management and more to entice Singapore businesses to the platform.

eBay Helps Singapore SMEs Export More To The US
eBay partners with Enterprise Singapore on initiatives to boost SME exports to the US.

Giovanni Fiorilli, Director of Product Management, Shipping says eBay Fulfillment by Orange Connex is "coming soon" to the US market in his presentation at eBay Connect 2022 developer conference.

Is eBay Bringing Fulfillment By Orange Connex To The US?
eBay Fulfillment by Orange Connex may be “coming soon” to the US market.

eBay sellers frustrated with new listing experience say the Custom SKU field is missing.

It's still there, but in true eBay form, the option is hidden, requires extra clicks to enable on the desktop version of the form and is located in a completely different place on the mobile app. Here's how to find it 👇.

eBay Custom SKU Missing In New Listing Tool
eBay sellers struggle to find Custom SKU in new unified listing experience - here’s where it’s hidden!

3 months in to eBay's new jewelry authentication program partnership with GIA, sellers are frustrated by rejections & concerned longer handling & shipping times could negatively impact holiday sales.

eBay Sellers Frustrated With GIA Jewelry Authentication
3 months into eBay’s jewelry authentication program, sellers are frustrated & concerned with GIA rejections.

Technical Issues

eBay's new "modernized" messaging system failed this week with many sellers reporting suddenly being reverted back to the old system with no notice or explanation.

eBay’s New Messaging System Is Down
eBay users report new messaging system down & has either been reverted to old system or isn’t working at all.

Etsy UK sellers are concerned about a glitch that appears to remove items in the UK from some search results.

Etsy UK Sellers Disappear From Search Results
Etsy UK sellers concerned about glitch that appears to remove items in the UK from some search results.

Other Ecommerce News

The Amazon Seller forums are getting a massive overhaul and sellers are up in arms over one particular point - having their business name displayed publicly, removing the ability to post in the forums anonymously.

Amazon To Show Seller Business Info In Community Forum Update
As Amazon community forums are overhauled, sellers are concerned about losing removing privacy & anonymity.

Etsy announced Chief Technology Officer Mike Fisher is leaving at the end of the year and will be replaced by Rachana Kumar.

Etsy CTO Mike Fisher Leaving, Replaced By Rachana Kumar
Etsy announces Chief Technology Officer Mike Fisher leaving at end of the year, replaced by Rachana Kumar.

Poshmark introduces faster payouts for a fee.

Poshmark Introduces Faster Payouts
Poshmark is rolling out faster payout options using Hyperwallet.

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