Value Added Resource Week In Review 10-23-22

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder


Welcome to the Value Added Resource ecommerce news week in review!

First things first, we have an update in the ongoing eBay cyberstalking case.

EXCLUSIVE: Value Added Resource members can access and review select public court documents from these cases for free!

Federal Bureau of Prisons records indicate ex-Security Manager Philip Cooke was released on 10-21-22, serving ~13 months of his 18 month sentence after being denied early compassionate release in June.

Ex-eBay Exec Sentenced In Cyberstalking Denied Early Release
Ex-eBay Security Manager denied early release, must serve full term for cyberstalking targeting critics of the company.

eBay News

eBay has a new VP General Manager for the US region now that Jordan Sweetnam has moved up to cover global operations after Head of Europe Rob Hattrell and SVP International Joo Man Park left the company in July.

In a message posted in the eBay community, VP GM US Adam Ireland officially introduced himself and told sellers he looks forward to making connections and serving as our voice - ironically in a locked post that doesn't allow comments.

New eBay US GM Speaks To Sellers - Sellers Can’t Talk Back
GM eBay US Adam Ireland says he wants to connect with sellers in intro message - with comments turned off.

eBayUK had promised to protect sellers from late shipments and negative feedback as a result of the Royal Mail strikes, but some sellers report the protections haven't been forthcoming and support has not been helpful in resolving their concerns.

Is eBay Protecting UK Sellers From Royal Mail Strikes?
eBayUK said they’d protect sellers from Royal Mail strikes, but are sellers getting the promised protection?

Buyers report eBay has switched from FedEx to GLS (General Logistics Systems) shipping for some western US deliveries of authenticated sneakers and they are not happy with the experience, citing concerns about lost packages and poor online reviews.

eBay Uses GLS For West Coast Sneaker Shipping, Buyers Are Not Impressed
eBay uses GLS General Logistics Systems for authenticated sneaker shipping & buyers are not happy with the experience.

eBay appears to be expanding live shopping beyond trading cards, with an upcoming event featuring handbags and fashion, but it's still an eBay managed production hosted by a carefully selected eBay seller partner.

When will eBay give livestream selling capability to all sellers?

eBay Live Expands Live Shopping To Handbags & Fashion
eBay Live livestream shopping expands to handbags & fashion but still limited to featured sellers.

eBay France has a unique take on holiday marketing, promoting secondhand sustainability and departing from traditional Black Friday promotions.

eBay France Has Unique Take On Holiday Marketing
eBay France promotes secondhand & sustainable holidays, departs from traditional Black Friday marketing.

As eBay rolls out Spendable Funds to more sellers, I noticed there've been a few updates to the Payments Balance Account Terms and Conditions.

In typical eBay fashion, they did not provide a side by side comparison so sellers can easily see what changed. But don't worry, Value Added Resource has you covered. 😉

eBay Updates Balance Terms & Conditions For Spendable Funds
eBay updated Balance terms & conditions for Spendable funds in August - here’s what you need to know!

And finally this week, eBay held their annual eBay Connect developers conference. While this event is more technical and geared toward developers who use the eBay API, regular sellers may find some of the presentations interesting as well - get all the highlights 👇

eBay Connect 2022 Developer Conference
Highlights from eBay’s Connect 2022 Developer Conference.

Other Ecommerce News

Amazon has shut down, the stand alone craft and hobby material site they acquired in 2008.

Vendors were originally reportedly told it would shut down at the end of the year, but it appears Amazon pulled the plug early and ceased sales on the site as of October 20.

Amazon Is Shutting Down Fabric.Com
Amazon is shutting down stand alone craft & hobby material site at the end of 2022.

The Amazon seller forums hosted an Ask Amazon session about the new Account Health Rating system. Sellers appear to be mostly concerned that the program unfairly impacts small sellers vs big sellers and worried the rating policies are too complex and not transparent enough.

Ask Amazon About New Account Health Rating
Sellers ask Amazon about the new Account Health Rating system, raising concerns about fairness & transparency.

Pre-owned luxury bags from Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Chanel, Prada, Gucci and more can now be found in the Amazon Luxury store despite the brands declining previous requests to sell on the platform, thanks to exclusive new partnership with reseller What Goes Around Comes Around.

Amazon Luxury Store Sells Secondhand Designer Purses - Whether Brands Like It Or Not
Pre-owned luxury bags from Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci & more come to Amazon from exclusive partner What Goes Around Comes Around.

Etsy announced they are testing a partnership with Printify and Shutterfly to offer printing and framing services for digital download products.

Sellers are concerned it could lead to customer service headaches and that it undercuts sellers who offer both digital and physical versions of their artwork on the platform.

Etsy Runs Digital Download Test With Printify & Shutterfly
Etsy runs test partnering with Printify & Shutterfly to offer printing & framing for digital product purchases.

Some Etsy sellers are also concerned at what appears to be an increase in reports of account takeover fraud and the lack of customer support for sellers whose accounts have been compromised.

Does Etsy Have An Account Security Problem?
Recent reports of Etsy account takeovers raise questions & concerns about fraud on the platform.

And finally this week, could PayPal face legal or regulatory repercussions for the recent Acceptable Use Policy update debacle?

House Republicans on the Energy and Commerce, Financial Services and Oversight committees have some serious questions for CEO Dan Schulman and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Rohit Chopra says he's keeping an eye on the situation.

Could PayPal Face Legal, Regulatory Issues After AUP Debacle?
PayPal faced public backlash over Acceptable Use Policy updates - will legal or regulatory scrutiny be next?

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