Value Added Resource Week In Review 7-9-22

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder


Welcome to the Value Added Resource week in review!

eBay News

eBay quietly entered the venture capital game back in March and has finally made its first investment, backing Norwegian second-hand clothing and furniture marketplace Tise in a ~$20M funding round the company says will be used to expand beyond the Nordic regions and attain profitability.

eBay Ventures Backs Norwegian Second-hand Marketplace Tise
eBay Ventures investments backs Norwegian second-hand fashion & furniture marketplace Tise in $20M funding round.

The biggest seller event of the year, eBay Open has been officially announced as a hybrid event taking place September 21-23, 2022 with virtual events all 3 days and in person eBay Studio events hosted in New York, Austin, and Los Angeles on the last day.

eBay Open 2022 Set For September 21-23
eBay Open 2022 is officially scheduled for September 21-23 & will be mostly virtual with some in person events in New York, Austin, & LA.

Savvy sellers noticed eBay is now allowing up to 40 business days for handling time - a move I believe is aimed at allowing longer shipping windows for presales, especially now that eBay owns a stake in Funko and has an exclusive deal to be the preferred secondary marketplace for the popular collectibles they create.

eBay Increases Handling Time Option To 40 Days
eBay quietly increases maximum handling time allowed from 30 to 40 business days - are more presales on the way?

Now that eBay is collecting tax in Canada, some Canadian sellers question whether the platform is handling tax on bullion and precious metals correctly.

Is eBay Illegally Collecting Canadian Tax On Bullion?
eBay sellers in Canada claim the platform is illegally collecting tax on bullion & precious metals.

My recent buying experience left me wondering - does shipped really mean shipped on eBay?

Did My eBay Order Really Ship?
Every eBay buyer loves getting that order shipped notification but does shipped really mean shipped?

A reader is struggling with eBay catalog errors and incorrect item specifics being forced on his listings.

Letter: eBay Catalog Errors Are Not Music To This Seller’s Ears
Letter from an eBay seller struggling with catalog errors & incorrect item specifics.

A quote from this week's eBay for Business podcast left sellers asking if Promoted Listings and other listing enhancements really are optional.

eBay Says Don’t Give Us Money If You Don’t Have To?!
eBay for Business Podcast makes sellers ask are Promoted Listings & additional listing features really optional?

Other Ecommerce News

Live stream shopping marketplace Whatnot will be going head to head with eBay as both companies are set to host live trading card sales events at The National Sports Collectors Convention in Atlantic City July 27-31.

Whatnot & eBay To Go Head To Head Live From The National
Both Whatnot & eBay will stream live shopping events from The National Sports Collectors Convention July 27-31.

Depop is diving into virtual thrifting, partnering with The Sims on an in game virtual experience in “High School Years”, a new expansion pack designed for teens.

Depop Dives Into Virtual Thrifting With Sims Partnership
Etsy-owned fashion marketplace Depop partners with The Sims on virtual thrifting experience.

Facebook Marketplace is waiving standard selling fees for shipped orders through the end of the year while also rolling out new listing requirements for checkout-enabled Facebook and Instagram shops.

Facebook Marketplace Waives Seller Fees Through End Of 2022
Facebook Marketplace waives standard selling fees for orders shipped through December 31, 2022.
New Listing Requirements For Facebook & Instagram Shops
New listing requirements for checkout-enabled Facebook & Instagram shops go live on July 18th.

And finally, Etsy suffered a major PR disaster when they abruptly ended the 100 free listing offer they sent out last week as part of an invite only survey promotion.

Etsy Takes Away 100 Free Listings After Code Was Shared Online
Etsy abruptly ends 100 Free Listing promotion offered last week as part of invite only survey after code leaked online.

The promo code was shared online, allowing many sellers who were not supposed to be eligible to gain free listings. Etsy not only ended the promotion, they also removed the 100 listing allotment from ineligible sellers who had redeemed the code.

While I understand Etsy may not have intended for the code to be used widely, the optics of taking it away caused far more damage than if they had just let it ride.

My take: they should have just taken the $0.20 x however many listings out of that $40 Million compensation package CEO Josh Silverman received in 2021 - I'm sure he wouldn't even feel the pinch.

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