Promoted Listings

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Is eBay Becoming A Pay To Play Platform?

Media coverage of Amazon's "pay to play" sponsored search placement begs the question- is eBay any better?

eBay Promoted Listings Express For Auctions

eBay has another new ad option on the horizon - Promoted Listings Express for auctions.

eBay Promoted Listings Advanced FAQ & Reports

A deeper look at eBay's FAQ and help pages as well as reports for Promoted Listings Advanced

eBay Promoted Listings Advanced Cost Per Click - First Look

eBay Promoted Listings Advanced Beta is starting to roll out to the masses - here's a first look!

eBay Promoted Listings Advanced Updates & Ad Attribution Changes

eBay is finally rolling out Promoted Listings Advanced Beta to sellers later this month - here's what we know so far including important updates about ad attribution and costs.

eBay External Promoted Listings - Questions & Suggestions

eBay needs to provide more transparency & better reporting for External Promoted Listings to convince sellers this new option adds value for their businesses.

eBay Best Offers & Promoted Listings

Sellers have asked for years to see upfront when Promoted Listing ad fees will apply on Best Offers - will eBay listen?
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