Managed Payments

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eBay Australia Managed Payments Payout Problems

eBay sellers in Australia are reporting technical problems & delays with Managed Payments payouts.

eBay Moves All Sellers To First Of Month Billing Cycle

Sellers on mid-month billing cycle received notice eBay will be moving to first of the month billing effective May 1, 2022.

eBay & The New 1099-K Threshold

It's the beginning of another year and many sellers are concerned about recent changes to IRS 1099-K thresholds that may impact their businesses.

eBay Bucks Can't Be Used For Offers With Immediate Payment Required

eBay's immediate payment for offers test raises concerns about adding friction to checkout - including not supporting combined shipping & preventing buyers from using eBay Bucks.

eBay Managed Payments One Time Payment For Balance Due

eBay has added additional options for sellers to pay when there is a balance due on your Managed Payments account.

eBay Tax ID Doesn't Match, Requires Sellers To Submit W9

Some sellers received a confusing message from eBay stating their taxpayer ID number does not match and requiring a W9 form to be submitted or else they may withhold funds.

eBay Managed Payments Payout On Weekends

Is eBay giving sellers a much needed holiday cash flow boost? US sellers on daily Managed Payments schedule report weekend payouts for first time.
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