Managed Payments

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eBay's Growing Chargeback Problem

Chargebacks have become a hot button topic for sellers as the Managed Payments transition nears completion. What can eBay do to address this growing problem?

Is eBay Skipping Weekly Managed Payments Payout 8-31-21?

eBay sellers report possible skipped payouts for August 31, 2021.

Why Are eBay Managed Payments Fees So Complicated?

One of the most common questions I see with Managed Payments is - how does eBay calculate the fees? It may seem like an easy question, but the truth is - it's complicated.

Is eBay Making Improvements to Managed Payments?

There has been no official announcement, but I'm seeing reports that could mean eBay is stepping up to the plate to improve the Managed Payments experience.

eBay Managed Payments Fees On Taxes

eBay Managed Payments fees include sales tax, causing controversy and confusion among sellers.

eBay Blocks American Express For Select Categories In Managed Payments

It appears eBay may be blocking users from paying with American Express in Fine Jewelry, Watches, & Coins categories.

Has eBay Changed Policy For Returns In Managed Payments?

One of the biggest adjustments for some sellers in Managed Payments has been the way eBay treats return requests, but that may be changing. Many sellers were confused and upset to find that Managed Payments, eBay put a hold on funds for every return request or case at the time
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