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eBay Community Chat 6-2-21

Trading Card Scan To List, Item Specifics, Bulk Editing, and Presale Violations in this week's chat with eBay staff.

eBay May Seller Check-In

Highlights & Commentary on eBay's May 2021 Seller Check-In.

eBay Community Chat 5-26-21

Item Specifics, Packing Slips, Feedback, End Listings and Concierge Support in this week's chat with eBay staff.

eBay Community Chat 5-19-21

This week was a general chat, but most comments were about category and item specifics changes - suggesting sellers are still experiencing technical issues and struggling to adapt to the new structure.

eBay Community Chat 5-12-21

Category Changes & Glitches, Concierge Support, PowerSeller Program Retirement, and Managed Payments issues in this week's chat with eBay staff.

eBay Community Chat 5-5-21

Promoted Listings, Concierge Customer Support, Listing Quality Report, and Sneaker Authentication in this week's weekly chat with eBay staff.

eBay April Seller Check In

Highlights & Commentary on eBay's April 2021 Seller Check-In
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