Ecommerce Marketplace News Week In Review 4-10-22

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder


Welcome to the Value Added Resource ecommerce marketplace news week in review!

The Etsy Seller Strike starts tomorrow! It's been amazing to see the support and media coverage this seller-led movement has been gaining and I'm proud to have published their very first interview back in March.

I checked in with strike organizer Kristi Cassidy this week for an update - their petition is now at ~ 40,000 signatures and they are getting very positive feedback from buyers too!

Etsy Strike Sellers Speak Out
We interviewed a group of Etsy sellers planning strike to protest fee increase & bring attention to issues on the site


In other news, Etsy launched a new Reporting Portal to streamline brand registration and intellectual property enforcement.

Will they be able to balance needs of brands to protect their rights with seller needs for support & fair processes?

Etsy Reporting Portal To Streamline IP Infringement Claims
Etsy launches new Reporting Portal to streamline brand registration & intellectual property protection.

Also this week, Etsy is taking video to the next level with Explore, a new social commerce feature that some are comparing to Instagram Reels or TikTok. Here's what we know so far.

Etsy Explore Social Commerce Video Rolls Out By Invitation
Etsy is taking video to the next level with Explore, a new feature some are comparing to Instagram Reels or TikTok.


CEO Jamie Iannone stopped by Bloomberg to discuss the latest Recommerce Report this week - check out my full breakdown and commentary from an experienced seller perspective. πŸ‘‡

eBay CEO Jamie Iannone Discusses Latest Recommerce Report
Commentary on CEO Jamie Iannone’s Bloomberg interview about eBay’s most recent recommerce report.

There's a new scam making the rounds on eBay targeting in-demand items like Steam Decks and Omega Moonswatches, leaving buyers with no protection and no eBay Money Back Guarantee.

I've been tracking this scam all week and am seeing $10,000+ in fraudulent sales daily for some items. 🀯

eBay Specialty Services Scam Leaves Buyers Unprotected
An eBay scam targeting Steam Decks, Omega Moonswatches & more leaves buyers with no protection.

The eBay for Business podcast revealed this week that the Classic Listing Form's days are numbered, though they declined to put an exact number on it. Sellers were told they should transition to the Unified Listing Experience sooner rather than later.

The Unified Listing Experience was introduced last year by then VP Seller Experience Harry Temkin and was almost universally panned by the selling community. Let's hope they've made some significant improvements before retiring the classic listing form completely.

eBay Classic Listing Form’s Days Are Numbered
eBay for Business podcast confirms Classic Listing form will be retired eventually, replaced by Unified Listing Experience.

Sellers in the eBayUK community received messages this week promoting eBay's fulfillment partnership with Orange Connex, prompting discussion about the costs for the service and whether it's a good deal compared to other 3PL options.

Sellers Discuss Costs Of eBay Fulfillment With Orange Connex
eBayUK sellers discuss fulfillment with Orange Connex after receiving message from eBay promoting the program.

The eBay Tech blog had a very interesting post this week about the results of Machine Learning powered testing around relevance in Similar Sponsored Items recommendations.

eBay Tech Focuses On Relevance For Similar Sponsored Items
eBay Tech has been doing some ML powered testing around relevance in recommendations for Similar Sponsored Items.


USPS announced their intention to raise certain prices this week, including First Class Mail Forever Stamps, metered letter rate, domestic postcards, certified mail, PO box rental fees, money order fees and insurance.

USPS Proposes Raising Prices For Forever Stamps & More
USPS intends to raise certain prices including First-Class Mail Forever stamps, which will rise to $0.60 from $0.58.

Both eBay and Etsy this week announced important changes to packaging regulations for sellers shipping into Germany. The regulations are part of the German Packaging Act intended to promote sustainability and recycling.

Sellers who ship to Germany will be required to license both product and shipping packaging with a dual system, register with the LUCID packaging register and pay applicable license fees.

eBay, Etsy Announce Packaging Regulations For Germany July 1
eBay, Etsy announce packaging regulations effective July 1st for sellers to Germany.

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