eBay Summer Seller Check In Scheduled For May 19, 2022

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder


eBay's Summer 2022 Seller Check In will be held virtually on Thursday, May 19 at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern.

Summer Seller Check-In | eBay
I’m attending eBay eBay Seller Conferences w/ Summer Seller Check-In on May 19, 2022.

It looks like the agenda this time is focused on collectibles and payments - hopefully we'll be getting more details on eBay Wallet and other payment initiatives announced during Investor Day and the previous Seller Check In.

At our Summer Seller Check-in, sellers will hear from eBay executives and many eBay teams presenting on product updates, sustainability efforts and special announcements. In addition to the main program we’ll also have:

  • Breakout sessions to learn more about collectibles, recommerce and thrifting, the state of retail research, and a live Q&A with the eBay product team.
  • Networking at the beginning and end of the event.

The main session will be recorded and shared with the seller community, but breakouts and networking are only available live at Seller Check-In—so don’t miss it!

Agenda (times shown Eastern):

04:15 PM — 05:15 PM

Summer Seller Check-In

Join us to hear from eBay executives as they discuss the state of thrifting in eBay’s Recommerce Report, our newest educational program eBay Academy, and the first details for this year’s eBay Open. Plus, hear from the product team on changes from the recent Seller Update, including payment services, reducing unpaid items, traffic data, and the new listing flow. And eBay reps will be available live to answer your questions.

05:20 PM — 05:50 PM

Breakout: Collectibles

Join Senior Category Manager of Collectibles & Toys Steve Halpuka for a deep dive into the category, including toys, comics, coins, and sports memorabilia. His session will cover collectibles events, structured data updates, and a preview of holiday 2022.

05:20 PM — 05:50 PM

Breakout: Q&A with the eBay product team

Join Senior Manager of Product Marketing Scott Hankal and Senior Product Manager Parin Jogani for a live Q&A and the latest updates on payments and buyer groups.

05:20 PM — 05:50 PM

Breakout: Recommerce and Thrifting

Join eBay’s Chief Sustainability Officer Renee Morin for a discussion with your fellow eBay sellers on thrifting and sustainability.

05:20 PM — 05:50 PM

Breakout: The State of Retail with Forrester

Join Forrester’s VP Principal Analyst Sucharita Kodali for an indepth look at how economic forces including inflation, sourcing during times of conflict and cryptocurrency are affecting small businesses.

It's disappointing to see that once again eBay has chosen not to record the breakout sessions to make them available for playback later.

Sellers were disappointed when the seller check in for December was not available for replay. eBay claimed it was due to not being able to record events through their chosen platform, Bevy, but I found that wasn't entirely true.

Given what I uncovered about Bevy's capabilities, there is absolutely no technical reason eBay couldn't also record the breakout sessions.

Since they have multiple breakouts overlapping, and it's not possible to attend them all real time, it would certainly be in the best interest of positive seller engagement to make all content from seller check ins available for replay.

CMO Andrea Stairs and Director Seller Community & Engagement Rebecca Michals have 3 weeks to figure it out!