eBay Seller News Week In Review 2-27-22

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder


Welcome to the Value Added Resource eBay seller news week in review!

First things first, don't miss this important eBay announcement about shipping restrictions and seller protections due to the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine.

eBay Shipping Restrictions, Protections For Ukraine & Russia
eBay has announced shipping restrictions and protections due to current events involving Ukraine and Russia.

In other shipping news USPS announced the official launch of USPS Connect business delivery solutions. The new program features four delivery services with benefits for local, regional, and national shipping as well as returns and reverse logistics capability.

USPS Expands USPS Connect Business Delivery Solutions
USPS announces official launch of USPS Connect offering new delivery solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Q4 2021 Earnings Call

eBay finally reported Q4 2021 earnings this week. On Monday I took a look at some of the highlights and lowlights of Q4 in a pre-earnings countdown.

eBay Q4 21 Pre-Earnings Countdown & Highlights
With eBay set to announce Q4 21 earnings this week, take a look back at hhe highlights from Q4 & so far into Q1 22.

The call on Wednesday revealed GMV, active buyers, and active sellers are all declining and the market did not respond positively to the news or Q1 22 guidance despite CEO Jamie Iannone's efforts to paint a rosy picture.

My take - the tech led reimagination has slowed to a crawl, the vertical focus strategy is out of touch with the vast majority of sellers on eBay, and falling buyer levels are not the mark of a robust, healthy marketplace.

eBay Q4 2021 Earnings Commentary
eBay Q4 2021 earnings call - insight & commentary from an experienced seller perspective.

Payments & Fees

Sellers were initially very happy with the new policy providing a refund of the $0.30 per transaction fee for cancelled orders in eBay's Winter Seller Update, but that sentiment turned to rancor when they discovered one huge exception - it only applies to buyer initiated cancellations within the first hour.

eBay Fee Refund For Canceled Orders Has One Big Exception
Sellers discover “gotcha” in new policy refunding $0.30 per transaction fee for cancellations - and they are not happy!

A seller in the eBay community had some strong words for eBay's lack of communication about changes impacting their financial reports, calling it "embarrassing."

Should eBay Announce Changes To Financial Reports?
A seller has some strong words for eBay’s lack of notice about changes to business impacting financial reports.

eBay announced this week they have partnered with Intuit to provide a new Quickbooks integration for Managed payments, how to and educational content, and a special discount offer for new Quickbooks subscribers.

eBay Managed Payments Integrates With Quickbooks
eBay Managed Payments has a new integration with Quickbooks & a discount for new Quickbooks subscribers.

While sellers who use Quickbooks will no doubt be happy for this new integration option, the close partnership with Intuit raises some serious questions about the nature of the partnership and how this may affect eBay's integrations with other accounting systems.

Other News

eBay is moving away from hosting monthly seller check in events, opting instead for a quarterly schedule in 2022. The Spring Seller Check In will be on March 10th, the same day that eBay is hosting a virtual Investors Day.

eBay Spring Seller Check In Slated For March 10th
eBay’s Spring Seller Check in will be in March, moving away from monthly to quarterly seller engagement events.

It's interesting to note the differences in eBay leadership representation between the investor event and the seller event and I'm sure it will be just as interesting to compare the corporate comms and messaging targeted for each event as well. Value Added Resource will be covering both events, so stay tuned!

After the earnings call this week, eBay finally released the "send coupons to buyer groups" feature that was originally supposed to be available in October.

eBay Coupons - Sending To Buyer Groups
eBay is finally rolling out sending coded coupons to buyer groups, a feature originally promised for October 2021.

Unfortunately, even with almost 4 extra months to work on it, it's still not quite ready for prime time and is missing key functionality like sending to repeat buyers and followers that was promised in the Fall Update.

And finally, for your weekly dose of irony, eBay's Share Your Success sweepstakes kicked off with a question about post-sale strategies to win and retain repeat customers - something they clearly need some advice on after those Q4 results.

eBay Sweepstakes Asks For Post-Sale Buyer Retention Advice
eBay’s Share Your Success Sweepstakes ironically kicks off with a question about post-sale& repeat buyer strategies.

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