eBay Seller News Week In Review 12-19-21

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder


December Seller Check In

eBay held the last seller check in for the year which was mostly a "year in review" event with very little insight into 2022 beyond more resources and effort being poured into the vertical focus strategy.

eBay December Seller Check In
Highlights & Commentary on eBay’s December 2021 Seller Check-In.

Points to eBay for being transparent about which parts of this event were live vs recorded this time. However, I was disappointed to hear that CEO Jamie Iannone was apparently in the building but didn't stop by for an in person appearance, instead opting to simply be part of the final "thank you" video featuring a variety of eBay executives.

Jamie has been busy making the media rounds lately though - one interview in particular caught my ear as he told Yahoo Finance that eBay is authenticating shoes over $100 then stumbled and corrected himself to $200.

Is eBay Increasing Minimum Price For Sneaker Authentication?
CEO Jamie Iannone tells Yahoo Finance eBay is authenticating shoes over $200 - flub or change on the way?

eBay support confirmed to me that the FAQ about sneaker authentication is correct and the minimum price for shoes in new condition is still $100 at this time - did Jamie just flub the interview or are there possible changes on the way?

Seller News & Updates

eBay has confirmed they will be providing protections for sellers who face shipping delays due to post office closings and reduced hours on December 24th.

How Is eBay Going To Handle Christmas Eve Postal Closings?
A seller in the eBay community is questioning how eBay will handle possible Christmas eve post office closings this year.

Promoted Listings Express for Auctions is now available in the desktop listing flow, but only through the classic listing tool, which is ironic considering how much time and effort ex-VP of Seller Experience Harry Temkin spent trying to convince us all to switch from the classic listing tool to the new Unified Listing Experience earlier this year.

eBay Promoted Listings Express For Auctions Now On Desktop
eBay Promoted Listings Express for Auctions now available in the desktop listing flow when using the classic listing tool.

A seller in the eBay community has been trying for over a month to bring eBay's attention to over 100 suspicious sales from hijacked compromised accounts, but eBay has ignored them.

eBay Ignores Seller Concerns About Hijacked Accounts
A seller tried for a month to get help on over 100 suspicious sales from hijacked accounts - eBay ignored them.

Technical Issues

eBay suffered sporadic outages throughout the day on December 16th with users seeing a disconcerting error message that said "Where's All The Stuff?"

eBay Home Page Down, Pictures Not Loading
eBay - Where’s the stuff? Users report home page is down & pictures are missing missing or corrupted.

There was also a technical issue that caused USPS label printing to be unavailable for a few hours.

eBay USPS Label Technical Issue
Sellers receive error when printing eBay labels -β€œPlease be aware that USPS is experiencing issues at the moment.”

And buyers who are in the test group for immediate payment required for offers were unable to submit offers on December 13th.

eBay Make Offer With Auto-Pay Not Working
Buyers report eBay’s Immediate Payment for Offers is malfunctioning, preventing submitting offers to sellers.

Other News

eBay announced this week they are changing their definition of Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) and updating historical metrics to bring them in line with the new definition.

eBay Changes Definition of Gross Merchandise Volume
eBay Announces Change to Gross Merchandise Volume Definition and Releases Updated Historical Metrics

Previously eBay had included the value of all successfully closed transactions between users on the platform regardless of whether the buyer and seller actually consummated the transaction - meaning unpaid items would have been counted.

The new definition includes shipping and sales tax, which is likely to raise some eyebrows, but at least now it specifically only includes paid transactions on the site.

And finally, took a look at marketplace transparency and the INFORM Consumers Act.

Marketplace Transparency & The INFORM Consumers Act
Should online marketplaces be more accountable for vetting sellers & stopping stolen goods being sold on their sites?

Several major retailers are pressing for legislation to require greater vetting and transparency when it comes to the identities of sellers in online marketplaces but miss the mark about how prevalent account takeover fraud can be. I believe the responsibility and accountability for stopping online crime should rest squarely on the marketplaces that enable it, not on the shoulders of legitimate sellers.

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