eBay Seller News Week In Review 11-14-21

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder


Welcome to the Value Added Resource eBay Seller News week in review!

Technical Issues

eBay experienced massive technical problems across the site on Wednesday with disruptions reported in Buying, Selling, Shipping & Sign In.

eBay Sitewide Technical Issues - Seller Hub Down
Major technical problems reported across the eBay site tonight- story in progress, updated as info comes in.

Sellers could not access orders in Seller Hub and buyers reported orders missing from their purchase histories as well.

Sellers were also unable to print shipping labels through eBay and without access to order details, they couldn't purchase labels outside of eBay either. eBay has made no official statement yet, but hopefully any late shipment defects resulting from this issue will be automatically removed.

More Leadership Changes

GM Collectibles & Trading Cards Nicole Colombo has left eBay for an up and coming competitor in the alternative assets market. This loss is sure to be felt by CEO Jamie Iannone as trading cards have been an important part of his "vertical focus playbook."

eBay Loses GM Collectibles & Trading Cards
Nicole Colombo General Manager, Collectibles & Trading Cards will be leaving the company to join card exchange Alt.

eBay also experienced more turnover in their international operations, this time in Israel.  Amir Di-Nur was promoted to General Manager of eBay Israel this week after his predecessor, Ishai Froind, quietly departed the company back in August.

eBay Israel Promotes Amir Di-Nur To General Manager
Amir Di-Nur promoted to General Manager, eBay Israel in yet another international organizational shakeup.

eBay Israel is where much of the company's structured data initiatives are based, including teams who are responsible for many of the item specifics and catalog updates that have created havoc and caused disruptions for buyers and sellers this year. It will be interesting to see if a changing of the guard can improve eBay's structed data performance.


eBay partnered with The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to promote Scams Awareness week, encouraging people to speak up about their experiences with scams to reduce stigma and educate others.

eBay & ScamWatch Australia Team Up For Scams Awareness Week
The campaign aims to reduce stigma by encouraging consumers to speak up about their scam experiences.

In an effort to help them out, I took a deep dive looking at eBay Motors car scams that have plagued the site for years.

Why Doesn’t eBay Do More To Stop Car Scams?
It seems like eBay car scams have been around forever, why doesn’t eBay do more to curb this particular kind of fraud?

eBay Policy Issues & Seller Updates

eBay made some updates to how seller information is displayed on mobile web browsers - and snuck in the addition of Video In Listing on mobile web too!

eBay Seller Info & Video In Listing Updates For Mobile Web
eBay has updated how seller info is displayed in mobile web browsers & added Video In Listing for mobile web too!

Sellers in the eBay community have raised concerns about seller protection in eBay's Authenticity Guarantee program for designer handbags. There's a big "gotcha" in the FAQ that has literally left sellers holding the bag.

eBay Authenticity Guarantee Leaves Sellers Holding The Bag
As eBay pushes authentication for luxury handbags, sellers find fine print doesn’t provide protection they thought.

Other sellers were discussing what appears to be an easing of holds on funds for returns and claims in Managed Payments. It's clear something has changed for many sellers, but so far eBay hasn't provided any clear answers to help sellers understand what to expect in regard to holds for returns going forward.

eBay Loosens Holds On Funds For Returns & Claims
Some sellers report no longer having funds held for returns & claims, but eBay won’t say why.

There was also some confusion this week on the eBay for Business podcast about how eBay handles sales tax when it comes to 1099-K forms.  To clear up any confusion for the future, here's how it really works:

eBay Sales Tax & 1099-K Forms
Does eBay include sales tax in 1099-K tax forms for sellers in Managed Payments? The short answer is - it depends.

Other News

Finally this week, we have a guest post from eBay seller Jackie Miller helping to explain some of the changes eBay has made to shipping settings and label services.

USPS and eBay Label Services
Guest post: eBay changes USPS services & labels for Regional Rate, Parcel Select & Media Mail.

And shots fired as the competition for holiday sales heats up with Facebook Marketplace covering shipping up to $15 for buyers through December 31st*.

Facebook Marketplace To Cover Shipping For The Holidays
Facebook is getting serious about growing their marketplace with an offer to cover Shipping up to $15 now - Dec 31st*.

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