eBay Seller News Week In Review 1-9-22

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder


It's a new year and eBay sellers have a lot of questions about the new $600 1099-K threshold for 2022.

eBay & The New 1099-K Threshold
It’s a new year & many sellers are concerned about changes to IRS 1099-K thresholds that may impact their businesses.

Taxes aren't the only thing on sellers' minds - the first eBay community chat of 2022 was held this week and once again it was heavy on seller questions, but light on substantial answers from eBay staff.

First eBay Community Chat Of 2022 - Deja Vu All Over Again?
Weekly eBay community chat - 2022 picked up where 2021 left off with many seller questions & few staff answers.

Unfortunately, instead of a "discussion with eBay staff", the weekly chat continues to more closely resemble an informal survey where user feedback is promised to be "passed on to the appropriate team" but rarely ever actioned or followed up.

New Features

eBay is rolling out Repeat Buyer tags to give sellers insight into return customer metrics and hopefully enable sending coupons to repeat buyers as part of the overdue "send coupons to buyer groups" feature that was supposed to be released in October.

eBay Adds Repeat Buyer Identification
eBay is updating Seller Hub to give sellers more information about repeat buyers.

Unfortunately there are still a few kinks to work out as the Repeat Buyer designation doesn't seem to be applied or displayed consistently across various places in Seller Hub.

I'm not sure I'd call this next one a "feature" but it is certainly "new" - or at least not previously announced.

eBay is using yet another unannounced pilot program to test out changes to policies and procedures on the platform - this time forcing some sellers to accept extended holiday returns past the 30 day return period set in their business policies.

eBay Pilot Program Extends Holiday Return Timeframe
eBay confirms pilot program extends holiday return timeframe past seller’s 30 day return period.

Another pilot program test, Immediate Pay on Offers, caused frustration for buyers this week when they discovered eBay Bucks rewards do not apply to these offers.

eBay Bucks Can’t Be Used For Offers With Immediate Payment Required
Is eBay’s immediate payment for offers feature adding friction to checkout by not accepting eBay Bucks?

Technical Issues

Trading card sellers were perplexed at the sudden disappearance of the Price Guide feature in the eBay mobile app.

Has eBay Disabled Price Guide For Trading Cards?
Users report Price Guide for trading cards no longer showing in eBay app - is it a glitch or unannounced change?

eBay later confirmed it was a glitch and the feature has been restored.

Other News

Guest contributor Jackie Miller has some fantastic advice for sellers about how to handle harassing messages through eBay.

How to handle being harassed through eBay messages
Not every sale on eBay goes smoothly - some helpful advice for when communication breaks down & tempers flare.

eBay is revving up the Motors Parts & Accessories side of the business to be the next big vertical focus with some interesting job openings.

eBay Motors Hiring As Vertical Strategy Revs Up
eBay’s vertical strategy is revving up for Motors Parts & Accessories with some interesting job openings.

And finally a deeper look at eBay's redefinition of Gross Merchandise Volume on the platform and restatement of past GMV - is it really an "immaterial change"?

Is eBay’s Restatement Of GMV Really Immaterial?
eBay has redefined Gross Merchandise Volume & restated past GMV back to 2018- is the impact really immaterial?

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