eBay Seller News Week In Review 1-30-22

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder


Welcome to the Value Added Resource eBay seller news week in review!

Technical Issues

A very troubling technical issue popped up last week with sellers reporting being redirected off the eBay site when attempting to print USPS scan forms for labels purchased through eBay in an apparent browser hijacking event.

eBay USPS Scan Form Glitch Redirects To RoofUS Leaderboard
Sellers report USPS scan form through eBay redirected to a completely different website - RoofUS Leaderboard.

eBay posted an update in the community advising the issue has been resolved, but did not provide any insights into what caused this potential security issue or what was done to correct it.

Sellers also reported long processing times and low quality rendering for Video In Listings - however it's not clear if this is a technical issue or simply eBay struggling to keep up with demand for the new feature.

Is eBay Struggling With Video In Listings?
Some sellers report long processing times with eBay’s new Video In Listing feature.

Seller Issues & Policy Changes

A question in the weekly eBay community chat prompted sellers to ask if eBay has made an unannounced policy change regarding refunding final value fees for buyer's remorse returns.

Did eBay Change Fee Credit Policy?
A question about fee credits on remorse returns has sellers wondering if eBay made an unannounced policy change.

Speaking of the weekly chat, a wide range of topics were shared this week but a common thread of frustration with lack of customer service could be felt through them all.

eBay Community Chat - Where’s The Customer Service?
Weekly eBay community chat - wide range of topics, many shared frustration with a lack of customer service.

A "nightmare" scenario payment dispute has sellers questioning just how much protection do eBay's authentication programs really provide?

eBay Authenticity Guarantee & Chargebacks
Seller faces “nightmare” scenario with payment dispute on a watch sold through eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee program.

And in the ongoing saga of eBay and Facebook - eBay for Business has started redirecting sellers back to the eBay community, with an added pitch attempting to recruit them for unpaid volunteer "mentor" duty.

eBay Redirects Users From Facebook Back To The Community
eBay for Business on Facebook directs sellers to community for support in attempt to reverse strategic mis-step.

Other News

eBay announced this week they are bringing authentication to trading cards in partnership with Certified Collectibles Group.

eBay Introduces Authenticity Guaranteed for Trading Cards
eBay has announced the addition of single ungraded trading cards over $750 to their Authenticity Guarantee program.

eBay's Q4 earnings call is officially on the books for February 23rd, a conspicuously late date to report, and a Virtual Investor Day is planned for March 10th.

eBay Announces Q4 2021 Earnings Call & 2022 Investor Day
eBay announces Q4 ’21 earnings call will be held February 23rd & a virtual investor day is planned for March 10th.

UK Trading Standards has issued a recall for counterfeit Dyson Airwraps sold exclusively on eBay.

Recall For Counterfeit Dyson Airwrap Sold Exclusively on eBay
UK Trading Standards has issued a recall for a counterfeit version of the Airwrap by Dyson, sold exclusively on eBay.

eBay will provide protections from late shipment defects and negative feedback for sellers impacted by current severe weather on the East Coast.

eBay Provides Seller Protections For East Coast Severe Weather
eBay extends protections against late shipments & defects for East Coast sellers impacted by recent severe weather conditions.

And finally, eBay won a spot on Glassdoor's Best Places to Work list (measured by employee reviews) but efforts to spin the award into a "win" for seller engagement as well fell flat, exposing how disconnected and insulated eBay executives are from much of the selling user base on the platform.

eBay Wins Best Place To Work Award & Thanks Sellers?
eBay named on Glassdoor’s Best Places To Work list but efforts to spin it as a “win” for seller engagement fell flat.

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