eBay Seller News Week In Review 1-23-22

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder


Welcome to the Value Added Resource week in review! There's a lot to cover this week but first, a special thank you to Web Retailer for including me in their weekly ecommerce news digest.

eBay Seller News

eBay announced it will provide protections from late shipments and negative feedback for sellers affected by winter Storm Izzy

eBay Extends Protections for Winter Storm Izzy
eBay has announced they will be providing protections for sellers affected by winter storm Izzy.

eBay also announced all sellers will be moved to the first of the month billing cycle, effective May 1, 2022.

eBay Moves All Sellers To First Of Month Billing Cycle
Sellers on mid-month billing received notice eBay will be moving to first of the month billing effective May 1, 2022.

eBay Australia has added more luxury brands to the Authenticity Guaranteed program for sneakers.

eBay Australia Adds More Brands To Sneaker Authentication
eBay Australia adds 3 new luxury brands to Authenticity Guaranteed for sneakers - Gucci, Balenciaga & Louis Vuitton.

An eBay seller in the community was concerned about a post-purchase message they received as a buyer. Why would eBay apologize and offer help with returns to a buyer who was satisfied with their purchase and had left positive feedback?

eBay Seller Concerned About Post-Purchase Messaging
Why is eBay sending satisfied buyers emails apologizing for non-existent problems & offering to help with returns?

Another seller wrote in asking for advice after experiencing a sudden drop in sales starting in Q4 2021.

eBay Seller Seeks Advice After Lagging Q4 Sales
A seller asks for advice after experience a sudden drop in sales in Q4 2021.

And in an update to a previous story, eBay community staff have indicated the change to billable weight for eBay International Standard Delivery may have been an error, not an intentional change.

Major Change To eBay International Standard Delivery
Billable weight changes for eBay International Standard Delivery could leave sellers with a big shipping increase.

There are still lingering questions about the help page for eISD and what will be done for sellers who were possibly overcharged.

Technical Issues

eBay sellers in Australia are reporting delays and technical problems with Managed Payments payouts stretching out over a week.

eBay Australia Managed Payments Payout Problems
eBay sellers in Australia are reporting technical problems & delays with Managed Payments payouts.

Sellers in both the US and UK reported they were unable to send offers to watchers for several days - how many sales were lost during this time and why did it take eBay so long to address the issue?

eBay Sellers Unable To Send Offers To Watchers
eBay sellers in both the US & UK are reporting they’ve been unable to send offers to watchers for several days.

Many sellers have been wondering what happened to the eBay listing frame since the new Stores design rolled out. It's apparently being deprecated, with a new version coming soon.

What Happened To The eBay Listing Frame?
eBay for Business Podcast reveals old listing frame editor to be deprecated by end of Q1 - a new version is coming soon.

Other News & Deep Dives

USPS has been mobilized to provide US households with free COVID-19 tests and rolled out a new site to place your order for a set of 4 tests this week.

USPS Rolls Out Site To Order Free COVID-19 Tests
US households can now order a set of 4 free at home tests via USPS.com.

Facebook Marketplace is stepping up the game to appeal to B2C ecommerce sellers with a revamped seller dashboard and webinars geared toward catalog management, shoppable media, and commerce insights manager.

Facebook Marketplace Plans Catalog Quality Webinar
Facebook is stepping up their game with a revamped seller dashboard & webinars geared toward B2C sellers.

eBay's Chief AI Officer has big plans for computer vision and machine learning as part of a tech led reimagination of the platofrm. I looked at some of eBay's current initiatives and have a few suggestions for how they can really use this technology to enhance both the buying and selling experience.

eBay’s Chief AI Officer Looks To The Future
eBay’s Chief AI officer Nitzan Mekel-Bobrov has big plans to help the marketplace achieve CEO Jamie Iannone’s tech led reimagination.

And finally, a deeper look at how eBay Promoted Listings affect the user experience - do ads on the listing page lead to more not as described claims and returns?

How Do eBay Ads Affect User Experience?
Do eBay ads stuffed on listings lead to more Not As Described claims & returns?

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