eBay Seller News Week In Review 1-2-22

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder


I hope you all had a safe and happy last week of 2021!

I took a look at some of the seller tools and features eBay announced throughout the year to see what had been delivered on time and where eBay has fallen behind.

eBay Seller Tools & Features Status Update
As 2021 draws to a close, check the status of eBay seller tools & features like the Listing Quality Report, Coded Coupons, Video In Listings, Personalization, Stores, Promoted Listings & more!

Unsurprisingly, advertising was clearly a priority with Promoted Listings Advanced Cost Per Click and Promoted Listings Express for Auctions both delivered on time and in short order.

However, the 2.5% social sharing incentive fee discount that was teased at eBay Open Online in August sill has not made an official appearance and eBay has offered no updates or possible timeline - is eBay just hoping we'll forget about it?

Many sellers in the weekly chat with community staff had similar questions and concerns, hoping to tie up loose ends and maybe get some insight into what eBay has planned for the new year. Unfortunately, the community staff had very few updates to share.

Final eBay Community Chat 2021 - Loose Ends & Lingering Questions
Last eBay community chat for 2021- overdue tools & features, item specifics, 2022 marketing plans, & 1099K changes.

One new feature I did notice this week was a new option to make a one time payment if your Managed payments balance becomes negative.

eBay Managed Payments One Time Payment For Balance Due
eBay has added additional options for sellers to pay when there is a balance due on your Managed Payments account.

And course it wouldn't be eBay if we didn't have one final technical issue with printing shipping labels the day before a holiday.

eBay Shipping Labels Not Printing For December 31
Sellers report problems printing eBay shipping labels for 12/31 - is it a glitch or intentional holiday protections?

Other News

eBay announced the end of fee free sneaker selling over $100. As of January 19, 2022 sneaker sellers will once again be paying final value fees, 8% for non-store sellers and 7% for basic store and above.

eBay Ends Fee Free Sneaker Deal
The free ride for sneakers over $100 is coming to and end January 19, 2022 - new fees will be 8%.

Rumors swirled throughout social media that eBay was filing request to have Facebook take down groups that use "eBay" in the name due to copyright infringement.

Is Facebook Deleting eBay Groups?
Rumors of Facebook groups being deleted ripple through reseller community, eBay is working to clear up confusion.

eBay issued a statement in the community clarifying they had no idea why Facebook was taking down groups, it was not at eBay's direction, and they were working with Facebook to find out more information.

Finally - some reflections and gratitude to wrap up 2021 and a look ahead at what Value Added Resource has in store for 2022.

New Year’s Reflections & Gratitude From Value Added Resource
New Year’s gratitude & reflections from Value Added Resource - news & insights for eBay sellers, by eBay sellers.

I launched Value Added Resource in late March 2021 with the goal to create a site dedicated to providing news, insights and a place for sellers to help other sellers and discuss the eBay selling experience. Thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged me along the way - I wouldn't be here without you!

My plans for 2022 and beyond include doubling down to provide even more deep dive investigations and explanations, seller tool and feature reviews, and breaking eBay news coverage as well as new ways for sellers to connect and share their experiences.

Value Added Resource is built on trust, transparency, respect, and reciprocity. You won't find distracting or privacy invading display ads, sponsored content, or affiliate links on this site for one simple reason - I believe serving readers instead of corporate ad interests is the best way to pursue the kind of independent, investigative and impactful reporting that lies at the heart of why I do what I do.

It's my job to bring value to all of you and hopefully if I've done that, you'll want to be part of this journey in some way too. I'll have more on this in the coming week, but for now here's how you can help Value Added Resource kick off 2022.

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Wishing everyone a fantastic and prosperous New Year!

~ Liz Morton - Value Added Resource

Liz Morton is the founder and editor of Value Added Resource. She is an ecommerce veteran with over 15 years of hands on selling experience and a passion for assertive advocacy and effecting positive change in the eBay marketplace.

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