eBay Seller News Week In Review 1-16-22

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder



Shipping issues were at the forefront for sellers this week, starting with concerns that USPS may have discontinued Priority Mail Flat Rate Padded Envelopes.

Did USPS Discontinue Priority Mail Flat Rate Padded Envelopes?
USPS appears to be out of stock & possibly discontinuing Priority Mail Flat Rate Padded Envelopes.

These popular shipping supplies disappeared from the USPS website and sellers noted a message saying "discontinued" when looking at them in their saved favorites.

While no explanation was given for the temporary removal, a USPS spokesperson confirmed they are back on the site now and available to order. That same spokesperson also confirmed that USPS is discontinuing the Priority Mail Flat Rate Large Board Game Box.

USPS Discontinues Priority Mail Flat Rate Large Board Game Box
USPS discontinues Priority Mail Flat Rate Large Board Game Box, effective immediately supplies available while they last.

And in other shipping news, sellers are upset with a change to the billable weight calculation for eBay International Standard Delivery that could mean a big increase in shipping costs for smaller, light weight items.

Major Change To eBay International Standard Delivery
Billable weight changes for eBay International Standard Delivery could leave sellers with a big shipping increase.

Seller News & Tools

eBay has finally started rolling out Video In Listings to the desktop listing flow in Seller Hub.

eBay Rolls Out Video In Listing To More Sellers
eBay is rolling out Video In Listings to more sellers, now available in the desktop listing flow in Seller Hub.

The eBay community team posted some new blogs that got me wondering - does eBay have anything to offer sellers besides lowering prices and paying more for ads?

Does eBay Have Advice For Sellers Beyond Discounts & Ads?
Discounts & ads can help drive sales, but shouldn’t be the only tools in the box. Is this the best eBay can do for sellers?

An eBay buyer asks for advice on how to handle what should be a simple return - but even eBay support doesn't know whether it should be an Item Not Received claim or missing pieces return.

eBay Buyer Asks - Item Not Received Or Missing Pieces?
eBay return reasons & claims are so overly complicated, even support doesn’t know how to help this buyer.

Other News

There's a new trading card app in town and they're aiming to take a bite out of eBay's business. CollX uses image recognition and machine learning to make curating your collection, finding current market prices and buying and selling trading cards as easy as snapping a photo.

CollX Aims To Take A Bite Out of eBay’s Trading Card Business
Heads up sports card collectors, there’s a new app in town to help you value, track, and trade your collection.

And finally, a shift in eBay's social support strategy on the eBay for Business Facebook page is raising eyebrows.

Is eBay Concerned About Facebook Poaching Sellers?
A shift in eBay’s social support strategy raises eyebrows - have they finally acknowledged the competitor in the room?

Has someone at eBay finally woken up to the risks posed by shuffling sellers to a competing marketplace for support?

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