Note from Liz - this post is not meant to be an exhaustive synopsis of the weekly chat. I've chosen to highlight topics I found particularly interesting - the full chat can be found here:

Community Chat, May 5 @ 1:00 pm PT - General Topics
Hi everyone! Thanks for joining us for the Weekly Chat with eBay Staff. We don’t have a specific topic this week, so feel free to share any general buying or selling questions you may have. The chat thread will remain open until 2 PM PT at which point we’ll close it from additional responses. Afte…

Seller saturdaystoys had a question about the new automated Promoted Listings feature:

re: Automated Promoted Listings... Is there a way to set up the new automated campaigns so they allow for me to choose which campaign I want newly created listings to go to? There are situations where I may not want 100% of new listings to go to the automated campaign (ie. consignment listings or other "special" listings that I want to manually monitor).

Perhaps I just missed it... but I couldn't find a way to do that. Thanks much.

This question highlights a limitation in this new feature - since it is rule based, you are essentially stuck with working within the rule parameters that eBay has set.  When creating rules for automated promoted listings, the only available parameters are to assign listings to campaigns by category or price range.

Hopefully the feature will be updated in the future to provide "exclusion" options as well.

my-cottage-books-and-antiques also had a question about Promoted Listings

Several posters have posted on the Selling Board that they have seen their own Sponsored (Promoted) Listings on their own Store's landing page...I have not seen this personally, but at least one seller provided a screen shot in a thread on the Selling Board. So, the perennial ebay question game:



New Policy?

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

eBay staff seemed unaware of this issue and asked for an example.  I noticed several posts on the community about this issue and covered them along with other technical issues in this post about Promoted Listings here.

eBay Concierge Support

There were also several questions about eBay Concierge - a higher level of customer support that many sellers depend on to get help with their accounts.


Is the CONCIERGE service gone?

A couple of folks asked on the Member to Member board since they were unable to access it. This morning, I had a question for them, and the screen at HELP & CONTACT no longer states that since I have Concierge service, I can click this box for a call back. The box is no longer there. It was working over a week ago, so is it now retired?


@disneyshopper I'm still seeing the concierge 'Have us call you' option on your account, and I show that you're still part of the concierge program. Can you share a screenshot of what you're seeing on the Help & Contact page?


I'm in the same boat on this one. The Concierge reference was removed two weeks ago... and the quality of Customer Service calls was seriously degraded as a result. Based on the language / accent issues on every call... I'm assuming that an offshore call center is now involved. The new "Help & Contact" link now leads to a long page of detail trying to push me into various posts about the issue I'm having at the moment... but only a generic "Contact us" link at the bottom of the page... and then several more hoops to narrow down the exact reason I'm needing help. The "Concierge" level of service is now gone completely.


saturdaystoys I'm not seeing concierge denoted on your account. This is something you'll want to contact customer support about to see what your concierge status is.

saturdaystoys had also posted this in a different thread, but the responses in chat seem to contradict what they were told on the phone.

The representative that responded from Customer Support indicated that have already begun phasing out the "Concierge product"; that it will be replaced with a new program in approximately two weeks. She said that they are dropping the old program in phases, but that information on the "new and improved" program will be distributed to all previous enrolled Concierge sellers as well as to those still enrolled.

She stated that while it appears that my account has been removed from the program, she indicated that it is only temporary. (probably would have been good if eBay had communicated before pulling the plug on Top Seller accounts like mine… as we had no idea why this was happening). She didn't promise that I will again qualify for the new program when it is announced... but she said I "will be notified" via email and eBay message. hmmmm....

It's fascinating that I couldn't find anyone yesterday who knew what had happened. I even talked with Customer Support personnel who had never heard of Concierge and had no access to information about the program. I literally spent from 2pm-7pm yesterday (both via phone and via chat) and couldn't gain any traction. One rep confirmed that I qualified for Concierge service but they couldn't do anything about it. To be honest, I can’t tell who is actually telling me the truth. However, one phone call this morning.. and it all begins to make more sense. Still, most eBay personnel are not in the loop on these changes... and they lack the tools to speak to the situation.

We'll see where it leads. Just fyi...

I'll be keeping an eye on this one and will update when more info is available about the future of the concierge program.

Listing Quality Report

my-cottage-books-and-antiques asked about a reference to a "listing optimization tool" in a recently published interview with eBay seller Sandra Gustard

I enjoyed the "Seven Questions" with Sandra Gustard, but have a question. She says her favorite ebay tool is the "listing optimization tool" Where can I find that tool?


Hi @my-cottage-books-and-antiques - I'm glad you are enjoying the series! I'm not aware of an exact tool called 'listing optimization tool', but there are a couple of different pages that could accomplish similar things.

We are currently rolling out a 'Listing Quality Report' that will give you data on items in your most listed categories. I'll include an introduction video below.

There's also a tool called the 'Listing Improvements' page within the Research tab of Seller Hub. I'm not able to view that page for security reasons or I'd include a link.

I'm guessing the listings improvements page is what was being referred to as the listing quality report doesn't include some of the things mentioned in the interview.

eBay Sneaker Authentication

I asked a question about my recent sneaker authentication experience, but did not receive a reply from eBay staff.


I’m concerned about 2 recent buying experiences I’ve had with eBay’s sneaker authenticity guarantee. The first pair of sneakers showed the authenticity guarantee in multiple places on the listing page and I was even blocked from sending a message to the seller, so there was every indication it would be authenticated.

However, this order was drop shipped from Amazon directly to my address – it did not go to the authenticator first.

The package ended up being lost and I was able to get a refund with an INR claim, but I’m confused why this listing showed the authentication guarantee if it didn’t qualify and why the messaging was blocked if it did not in fact go to the authenticator.

My second sneaker buying experience was for a pair of shoes won on auction for $39 – this also showed the authenticity guarantee and in this case the shoes did go to the authenticator and were then sent on to me.

The shoes appear to be as advertised, but again I’m left wondering why shoes under $150 are showing up when filtering for authenticity guaranteed only and why this pair went to the authenticator but the other one didn’t.

Any idea what is going on here?

Another seller, stuff4divas , followed up with another question about authenticity guaranteed.

RE: eBay Authenticity Guarantee

On the community chats, I've noticed a lot of concern with this program.

There seems to be long shipping delays and other concerns.

I've just been posting the link for them, but I don't think it is specific to what they are asking and I am not familiar enough with that program.

Does anyone know of any problems with this program? So I can properly answer the posts?

That question did receive a response from brittanie@ebay

@stuff4divas - We’re experiencing an explosion in demand for sneakers and, as a result, processing times are delayed. That team is working around the clock to help resolve this. If you have people asking about what to do next, please have them check the estimated shipping time and all order details. They can also check and contact customer service if they have further questions.

I have to wonder if the fact that eBay appears to be authenticating shoes that should not qualify for the program is related to the delays and problems that have been reported.

How much of the "explosion in demand" can be explained by shoes less than $150 being sent to authentication?