eBay Authenticity Guarantee: Comparing Categories

Jackie Miller
Jackie Miller


As eBay rolls out the Authenticity Guarantee program to more categories, it's become apparent that the policies are not equal across categories. This is making it difficult for sellers to figure out when certain protections apply and what criteria are used in making those decisions.

In an effort to simplify things, I've created this chart to compare some of the basics across the Sneakers, Handbags, Watches and Trading Cards programs. It turned out to be a bigger task than initially anticipated because for some categories, the data was spread out across multiple policy pages that ever so slightly differed from each other.

Liz and I will do our best to keep this chart up-to-date. It's intended to be a solid basic overview and not a comprehensive recap of every policy nuance. For full T&C please visit eBay's Authenticity Guarantee page.

We hope this chart will serve as a useful guide for sellers navigating the Authenticity Guarantee programs for the US (.com) site.


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