Bonanza Announces Spring Sale May 4-11

Liz Morton ~ Founder
Liz Morton ~ Founder


Bonanza is planning a sitewide spring sale for May 4th-11th open to all sellers who wish to participate by creating coupons from $5 t0 $25% off.

Sellers will be funding their own discount offers, but must use the shared coupon code SpringSale2022 to participate. Bonanza will be helping to promote the sale across social media, in an email campaign, and on the Coupons & Deals page on the site.

Important note: Coupons will stack so sellers with other active coupons may want to remove them temporarily if they plan to participate in the Spring Sale.

Bonanza’s Sitewide Spring Sale

Here's how it works: Create a coupon in your booth with the coupon code "SpringSale2022" (instructions below). Assign any discount amount to your coupon, from $5 off to 25% off. Buyers will be able to used this shared coupon code to buy items throughout the site, with the discount amount being unique to each seller. The sale will start on May 4th and last until May 11th.

We'll be advertising the sale on all social media accounts, and we encourage you to do the same. You can use the hashtags #BonanzaSpringSale, #SpringSale, #shopBonanza, #BonanzaMarket, #Sale, and #CommunitySale.

For more info and instructions on how to create your coupon, visit the Bonanza blog.