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eBay Category & Item Specifics Changes 10-12-21

If you're seeing changes to categories, saved searches, and item specifics on eBay today - it's a feature, not a bug!

eBay Announces Next Seller Check In October 21st

eBay announces this month's seller check in will be held on October 21st at 11 AM PDT (2 PM EDT)

Is eBay Charging Insertion Fees For Listing Revisions?

eBay sellers report possible glitch in the listing process showing additional insertion fees for revising listings.

eBay Seller News Week In Review 10-10-21

eBay seller engagement, USPS Media Mail confusion, drops in impressions & sales, updates to the Listing Quality Report, Managed Payments reporting for foreign currency and more in this week in review!

Sellers Grow Weary of eBay's Vertical Strategy Focus

Sellers are starting to lose patience with the slow pace of eBay's vertical strategy, especially when it seems "tone deaf" or exclusionary. Is CEO Jamie Iannone paying attention to this important feedback loop?

eBay Sellers Continue To Report Drops In Impressions & Sales

Many sellers have been struggling for weeks with drastic drops in impressions, clicks & sales. One seller even shows lower Promoted rates also negatively impacts *organic* impressions- defying all logic of how organic traffic should work.

eBay Managed Payments Reporting Problems With Foreign Currency

As eBay nears completion of the transition to Managed Payments, sellers are concerned about financial reporting for foreign currency transactions on non-US eBay sites.
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